Saints Row: The Third Review – Paradise Naked Falls Off A Parachute Diving Into An Open Crowd

Saints Row: The Third brings back the mayhem and rather “unique” nature of a franchise raunchy for references to sex, doing anything virtually naked, and engaging in a lot of chaotic heists for respect that can have hundreds of ways to go wrong in the city of Steelport. Saints Row: The Third is an excellent open-world sandbox adventure that is undeniably better than the first two, and is a game where the adventure is rampant even if the graphics are not extremely impressive on consoles. PC users get the full benefits of a world that aims to be a fun place and moreover a dangerous place, especially with mod packs and community features consoles cannot see the light of day with. While it may not be as glamorous as it is on consoles, Saints Row: The Third provides incredible over the top action, a decent storyline, and lastly cooperative gameplay modes that are worth not passing up if you are into over-dramatic action sequences and just pure bravado in some aspects of a video game that strives to be utterly insane.

Saints Row: The Third, like its predecessors, is all about the notion of rising to the top. By rising to the top, Saints Row: The Third envisions it as absolutely taking over a city and causing chaos, whether it be running a tank through the street or parachuting from planes gun blazing. As the leader of a group called the Saints, you are responsible for their rise to success and destroying anyone who comes in their way. The Saints have been caught during a bank heist job by other competition, and their monetary value goes down to nothing as their accounts are hacked and the only other choice left is to climb back to the top, no mercy included.  Storyline within Saints Row: The Third is not particularly the strong point, but it involves a lot of character humor that is refreshing to see with jokes and voice acting which are believable. Lastly, getting rid of the ridiculous respect system to progress through the storyline was the smartest choice Volition made when it came to Saints Row: The Third. Even if the storyline is not as developed, there is an ample amount of things to do in the city of Steelport itself and this storyline introduces these concepts in a way that is unique and original. Rob a bank, go broke, and then steal a car and reacquire street respect worldwide.

Creativity is where Saints Row: The Third flourishes, and character customization is one section that is apparent of this besides gameplay. Every character in Saints Row: The Third is affected through their actions in gameplay. Punch many people and you will become muscular, eat a lot and you will become pretty fat and less toned. This dynamic character system of the game’s engine (not the same Saints Row 2 engine) is fun to have and adds a level to the game. Customization can be done with slider controls for most parts of the facial and body features, while hundreds of hair selections and other add-on choices come bundled with a need to be unique. Hair styles go from insane to business casual. Taunts and happy stances can be changed throughout the game but mostly come with crazy words and dance moves that are definitely entertaining.

Saints Row: The Third gameplay can best be defined by the word undefined. Saints Row: The Third has completely changed its style of the game in terms of quality and gameplay design. With this level of change, the HUD is minimal and button indicators are reflective and shiny during a cinematic real-time scene. This change really brings out a cinematic nature with Saints Row: The Third (where PC graphics are leagues above the console counterpart thanks to DirectX 11), and it is a change that creates sequences that are realistic with all consoles. There are so many things to do in so many different ways, every person will find something unique that someone else will not in the way they do things. You can jump out of buildings through Diversions, and engage in many activities that form the main mission structure. Insurance Fraud, Mayhem, and assassinations are all in a day’s work. These missions are blended with major deciding factors that tie into the storyline and allow for multiple ending types in every playthrough. While the missions themselves are mostly run-and-gun with a mixture of over-the-top cinematics in between, the camera angles in real-time are perhaps the most impressive of the epic set-pieces that make up mission plot twists and a lot more for major storyline quests. Camera direction and better graphics (PC only) make this Saints Row the best in the series, and while that may not say much considering the series itself has been relatively not so exciting or great, it has finally reached a level that is engaging for a video game anarchy title.

Steelport is the new base for the Saints. Sick of marketing and campaign nonsense with their name, the two members of the 3rd Row decide to regain the respect of the Saints Row name. Weapons within Saints Row: The Third can now be upgraded, rather than being big glowing icons on the street, which are undeniably bland and unfulfilling. This time, there is a level of depth to the action that Volition previously failed to achieve, and it is exciting to see a title redeem itself in any part of the series. Vehicles range from cars, planes, helicopters, aerial jets, hover bikes, cars, and many more special vehicles that can be found. The vehicles blend into the theme of chaos and the excoriating need to be daring. Vehicles themselves control realistically, and this is a relief to see in a sandbox game that is focused on fun but also serious about other aspects of believability as well.

Freedom and expression are central to Saints Row: The Third this time around; Carnage, butt nakedness, explosions, jumps from high buildings or through windows, dressing up in weird costumes, and a lot more are all transferrable in a full open-world online cooperative campaign/free for all mode. You can do all of these with a friend, which is something that is exciting and great but offline couch cooperative players will be disappointed by this title with its lack of functionality. Of course, there are flaws with graphical hitches and also the fact that players cannot choose specific gameplay campaign quests to relive (or replay). Players will have a lot of fun in online cooperative mode through the main campaign cooperative mode or other party like modes included. Saints Row: The Third keeps fun in multiplayer even with its problems.

Saints Row: The Third is an overly inappropriate action title that fans of the appropriate and inappropriate will find enjoyable. Adult toys and all things aside, Saints Row: The Third provides a compendious amount of good content with ingenuity and fun. The third title in the franchise does not come without its flaws, but it also comes with a lot of improvements to a title that is all about doing things freely and without any cause. Freedom is naked with Saints Row: The Third, and when anyone plays it, they will not care if they are naked in reality or not. It is all still good fun.

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