Sam Houser: We’ve Finally Reached Our Vision

Last generation had been good to many of us. The PS2, the Xbox, the works. But for Rockstar Games president Sam Houser, last generation wasn’t enough. Finally, in the midst of the next-generation technology, Sam Houser states that the developer has finally achieved what it always wanted with Grand Theft Auto IV, and that simply couldn’t be done this generation. Hit the jump for more.

Houser said that through NaturalMotion’s Euphoria procedural animation technology, all user experiences with the game will be unique, and better than before.

This is how we always wanted GTA to be, but it simply wasn’t possible until now. And some of the technology that’s gone into this new game, compared to what we had before, it’s shocking.

All of this, however, couldn’t be done without special customization from the guy’s at NaturalMotion. The results are definitely up there, and couldn’t get clearer as you start moving Niko around. Not just the main character’s movement is the only thing adding to the depth of the realism in the game. It’s the technology of the behavior of NPCs, too, and the result is something which gives more weight to the realism Rockstar has always set out for.

Sam Houston expresses one of the major advantages of this unpredictable technology:

I’ll be getting in a battle with some guys, I’ll steal someone’s car and some fist fight’s kicked off, and then suddenly he’ll be chasing me through the street, and I’ll get in position – like, ‘I’m not running from you any more; I’m going to fucking have it with you now, mate’ – and just as I’m about to crack him, a car comes flying through the shops, runs him over, and he goes flying.

These tiny little moments happen more per square inch – or per square pixel or whatever – than I ever dreamt possible, and it’s the organic nature of all the elements that have come together, and particularly the procedural animation via the NaturalMotion content, that allow the experience to be unique. There really are lots of ways to play these missions.

Looks like we can all be thankful to NaturalMotion for developing the technology they did when we hurl ourselves over a cop, and ram into another and fall to the floor. If the technology hadn’t been there, it is clear the vision of Rockstar would have never been achieved and the consumer’s vision of a real, “life-like breathing” world would have been shattered. At least now, we can rest at ease and smile blissfully until April 31st, 2008.

“Shocking” Tech Taking GTA to New Levels

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