SCEA’S New PS3 Game: “The Last Guy”?

Sony Computer Entertainment America recently trademarked “The Last Guy” as a computer game and video game software. Could it be the title to the next Resistance game’s new title? Or maybe a new PS3 game altogether?

We do not know! And we contacted SCEA just to get a “No Comment.” It could be a PSP game, or even a PSN game. We have our money on PSN game, but we will see how it pans out.


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  1. Next Resistance game? Haha, please tell me that’s a joke.

    And dude, get on AIM, asap important.

  2. I’d assume it’s a new game. Would be funny if it was a sequel to “I wanna be the guy”. I’d hack off a finger to play a commercial game developed by Mike O’Reilly.

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