Server Migration

As many have you e-mailed and noticed, we are in the process of part of our server migration onto a larger network that is dedicated for our large readership. We felt this was not necessary at first, but are currently in way of doing this after noticing server hangs during a lot of you checking back for new latest game reviews.

When we return, no ETA at the moment, expect the Final Fantasy XIII Part II review. As for other reviews – we will not be covering The Darkness II despite previous coverage. The same can be said of Twisted Metal. We just do not have time for some titles, which is unfortunate but necessary.

I'm all about one thing: truth. I don't care if you're a publisher - I don't care if you LIMIT me to access/reviewing your game (Sony), and I don't give a damn about anything you do to stop me from being honest. I can purchase any and all games and review them without bias unlike other "critics" / party-attenders.