Show Me The Change: Intel Q9300 Review

York. Field. Yorkfield. The Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 processor is the sexy, sleek, new 45nm quad-core ‘Yorkfield’ termed processor. It is also the entry level 45nm quad-core processor, which is followed in towards a low price point. Even though it’s a bit pricey at ~$300, the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 puts a race compared to the $240 AMD Phenom 9850 quad-core processor. The Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 Processor is everywhere. No, seriously. Take a look. There’s bundles this, bundles that…DDR2 this with that, that OCZ with this that this this that. You get the idea. Good. So, what’s a person like you to do in such a haze like this? Read our review, of course! Intel’s latest addition to the Core 2 Quad family built using Intel’s 45nm technology gives that hafnium-infused circuitry the electron pumping power it’s always been seeking since 65nm.

The Yorkfield processor is efficient and doesn’t give headaches when it comes time to boot up. We can see our the processor is identified at 2.50 GHz along with a 1333MHz FSB and 6MB L2 cache (12MB shared). At first look, the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 is a decent overclocker, with a 7.5 multiplier (333MHz FSB x 7.5 multiplier = 2.5GHz). Even if it’s low, the FSB will have to be increased beyond 450MHz to break the 3.5GHz mark. Prep the liquid cooling. Now there are 2 ways of looking at this. If you have a dilapidated motherboard combined with a great processor such as this one, it needs FSB speeds above 450MHz that can give the system a good huff of smoke. If you increase the FSB to 400MHz that will make the CPU 3.0GHz, which is more than enough for common applications. But that’s yet to be seen.

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  1. im due for an update

  2. “significant increase this time around.” SWEET

  3. This review is WHAT I’m talking about. I love the flavor and attitude. Some stupid sites like AnT and LR say it’s a minor increase, but you just smacked their face with it.

  4. This is what GOD’s write. “There’s bundles this, bundles that…DDR2 this with that, that OCZ with this that this this that.” I fucking love the tone of WhatIfGaming in everythign u guys do. What’s up with that timer? Is Intel being slow?

  5. This dude needs to remove his glasses! WHAT IF he cannot see YOUR countdown:)

    I cant wait to see how soon he will end this countdown.

  6. 4% increase with the native 3M per core with an increased multiplier is definitely a +. I’ll be buying this TODAY.

  7. Hrm. Not bad. I actually can’t believe the E6750 took a little bit over on the SSSP2 side, especially with the new SEE 4.1 description on the Intel processor.

    Nice review. But what’s up with that timer? Seriously they aren’t sending YOU guys any samples? LOL. LOL!! ill stop LAUGHING my ASS off because it might bleed. Does Intel KNOW how many PC enthusiasts come here? You gatta be kidding me.

    @wiseguy. AnandTech is so shitty and their rep is barely credited and they get it. Seriously messed. Most of them are noobs commenting on the stupidest stuff though, like DIMM timing when the defaults are perfectly fine for memory. Even something stupid as talking about what sockets a CPU is. Unbelievable. Who’s Dan?

  8. I loved this review. Just ordered one on newegg cause of this. But Intel COME ON! CAWMM AWNN!!! COMEE AOWNN. No samples? Don’t you love us INTEL supporters on here? There’s a crapload of AMD stuff. Not to say there isn’t Intel stuff but come on. We need faster Intel stuff. I crave when I see these reviews.

  9. Splendid review with concise details, immeasurable accuracy and credibility of WiG. Just ordered it since this is a go-ahead here.

    Please hurry up and review the 9800GX2 Black Edition’s by XFX. I need to see that!

    Intel=Noobs from their timer.


  11. Here in India, me and my friends love WhatIfGaming since its only one I find with world news on hardware and gaming sector. No sites do this with such a scope. I know 1 site but it only cover Japan (sometimes) and how it is’s the only one that mentions middle eastern countries and other countries around the world most often.

    Intel not give product for review? What does this mean. Why?

  12. Been reading comments. Does intel fucking know how many people come here? I’m from Spain and I know people in UK who love to come here. The fuck is up with intel?

  13. @ genie

    “This dude needs to remove his glasses! WHAT IF he cannot see YOUR countdown:)

    I cant wait to see how soon he will end this countdown.”

    Lol. I’m sure he has seen it. I sent it to him through e-mail. He’s the awesome PR at Intel. Pretty great guy, down to earth for the most part. No doubt their outreach is maxxed and very limited, or I’m sure he’d have tossed us 1 CPU per high end launch. So, be nice everyone. The day will come. Eventually.

  14. Intel Owns face:P

  15. PC’s blah Consoles FTW lol JK

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