Sid Meier’s Civilization IV Review – Strategy Masterpiece

Civilization IV Review - Strategy Masterpiece

The Civilization strategy series is back and it is simply beyond all measure in some regards. Civlization IV makes both changes and additions to just about every aspect of previous games that respected designer and creator Sid Meier and his talented team have made famous. The combat is tougher and the diplomacy and research with production and winning to the space race is simply incredible. Civlization IV’s varied and addictive gameplay offers even more stupendous visuals for a lovable turn-based strategy for the eyes. Civilization IV has completely outweighed all the previous games, in a great way and has showed the world yet again that Sid Meier is a pure genius in his art.

Civilization IV Review - Strategy Masterpiece

If you are not familiar with the Civilization series, then you should know that it’s a traditional turn-based strategy game that lets you play as political leaders of one of the world’s nations, which includes famous figures such as Gandhi for India and Julius Caesar for Rome in a fictitious race to the Space Age to take over the world and be declared the best Civilization. Your civilization starts off from the Stone Age and you must produce and flourish your city to the Space Age. As society grows through your laborious work, a rewarding Civilization will flourish and you will find all your efforts having paid off over the last dozens of turns. The series gives you multiple game design approaches to become the best Civilization that revolves around three points: economic, political, or cultural (society, technology & religion) victory. Conquer your neighbors, research advanced technology, or create the most cultured society on the planet. It is all up to you. This well known trademark of the Civilization franchise combined with latest online features and beautiful visuals make for an addictive and stunningly beautiful game of quality than the predecessors carried. As a result of many improvements, major and minor, and an even greater emphasis, Civilization IV is the game to get.

Civilization IV offers similar goals like the previous games but evolves them to make a more strategic and ultimately increasingly rewarding experience by starting the game off quickly, even for beginners. Every goal comes with more options, which makes for a more difficult schedule, but one that clearly shows that the need to strive and make a civilization worthy of a great name takes a lot of work. The schedule in the game is not confusing or overwhelming, and serves as a great introductory step into the world of Civilization.

Civilization IV Review - Strategy Masterpiece

Civilization improves upon combat in a presumptuous way. The series’ combat system, which places players in fights between different military units against one another based on relative unit strength and technology, has been changed to a strength system that seems more intuitive. Units that are greatly advanced will have a clear advantage over more primitive ones. Military units also have many more upgrades that previous games and can gain power levels. Artillery units have been enhanced for more use and to deal a greater amount of collateral damage to larger ‘stack units’ of armies. By adding all these major features, Civilization IV add more depth to combat, since both attackers and defenders have much more factors that go into combat, strength, and conquer mechanics.

Civilization IV Review - Strategy Masterpiece

History has always been superimposed with religion, something that the Civilization series has been ignorant with and left out. Not anymore. One of Civilization IV’s exciting features is the religion system, which is a very well demanded feature even if it is not critical to your strategy of winning. This new religion system adds seven new creeds to the game that are each tied to a specific technology that influence the culture-producing temples and missionaries for wealth. Should you choose to dominate by religion, the mission is simple: make all your rival nations’ cities convert to your faith. Although religion does not need to be part of your winning strategy, it does immensely aid the cultural domination aspect of your leader and his people.

Civilization IV makes places an emphasis on strategic planning in general, which ultimately makes the game more balanced. Worker units, which could previously only build a few improvements on land such as roads, irrigation, and railroad tracks, now have a huge number of appealing options to build, such as revenue-producing cottages, food-producing farms, animal-herding pastures, grazing fields and much more.

Civilization IV also includes the latest multiplayer feature to play with up to an extraordinary number of people for Civilization. Hosts can time the game, or decide to play an unlimited game, save the session, and resume gameplay at a later stage with their friends if the game verges on too long for unlimited time. The expansive online takes single-player to the next level while remaining true to the game both offline and online that makes Civilization IV far more incredible than Civilization III.

Civilization IV Review - Strategy Masterpiece

One problem still remains: beginners might find Civilization IV formidable. Civilization IV clearly has a lot to offer fans of the series, despite a couple of minor issues that will trouble beginners. These concepts are not always adequately explained by the Civlopedia, and can sometimes be a bit confusing.

Civilization IV Review - Strategy Masterpiece

To play Civilization IV, it’s clear that you do not need to be a history expert. Beginners will find Civilization IV as a complex strategy game with a definite learning curve, but worthwhile after they figure concepts out. Civlization IV for the most part has added improvements, tweaked and refined gameplay all to create a brilliant package that any strategy lover will fall in love with. With Civilization IV, Sid Meier will be remembered once again for continuing the name of a superb series successfully.

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