Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution Review: Enough Is Enough

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Review

Who the heck do you think you are? This means war…in Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution. Ever since 1991, designer Sid Meier introduced the realm of “God Game” genre to the populace and constantly tried to rise above it. Engage in fervid combats and take the battle online between 4 players. As the latest gift to the strategy hungry players, Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution provides the egregious splendor of distending across the lands through a visually immersive and action-packed empire building world for the player to lead the most powerful empire ever created.

Civilization Revolution paves a more enhanced way from previous games for a player to build a civilization straight away and try to advance in becoming the best civilization it can possibly be through various stages. Revolution centers around the previous concepts of exploratory mystery, progress, and adventure as players still carry through from their location to others. Players meet new people, adopt new cultures and beliefs, and eventually a whole mess of relationships form that are purely based on alliances and trading. The entire span of Civilization Revolution stretches from the beginning of concepts, to the modern day concepts that are literally all in the encyclopedia. As the introduced game mechanics advance it becomes clear that not only is the journey more lucid through great gameplay but it’s more fun.

The interface is something that we can all appreciate when we start up Civilization games. In previous concepts, the interface was simple and adorned with a general opening cinematic and a great and easy menu with the best backdrop music that makes the songs in Rock Band look fallible. This time around is pretty much the same, leaving the menu little changed. As soon as the game starts, it’s very obvious that the menu interface is changed in terms of artistic appearance to simplify the process of having to wade through a pillar of small detailed buttons. The access process is simplified much more than before, and getting ready to start up a civilization to beat up some punks trespassing our border.

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Review

The quintessence of Civilization Revolution comes in the widespread of variety and enhanced features in combat. The physical skill sets for civilizations feel the same as the previous versions but overall gameplay variety increased as a result of shifted focus to features and main concepts. After picking from a list of an increased 16 civilizations, players will embark on the basic explore aspects and then eventually engage in war. During the war, players can use all sorts of units and really engage with a greater A.I. in terms of intellect that doesn’t just send one of its units in a suicidal mission on a boat. In previous games, attacking a single unit without the hassle of taking multiple units per turn was impossible.

Civilization Revolution overstrides and players don’t have to constantly pile one unit on top of another. Instead, up to three units can be combined into one powerful sub-army to get rid of the competition. The rewards range in an increase of standing from veterans to elites and the most upgrades that will give war domination a new meaning that previous Civilization games swayed. After an ongoing war is waged and won after defeating a rival civilization, you not only gain an immense amount of knowledge and currency but moreover respect of your fellow rivals and adversaries alike. Victory is by: Domination (capture all other civilizations’ capital cities), Culture (create a total of 20 great persons, wonders, and converted cities in any combination), Economic (World Bank), and Technological (be the first to reach Alpha Centauri). The intense combat and successive strategy with an immense amount of upgrades and rewards makes Civilization Revolution the best desert in the Civilization plate.

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  1. Welp! I’m buying this RIGHT now. When it came out a while back, was a bit hesitant. See ya on the war field guys.

  2. Amazing review also. love this website as always <3

  3. Truly an amazing review. will get for PS3

  4. Why no PC? I’d love to see this in highest settings, but I suppose it’s not exactly Killzone 2 here lol

    Bdog replied on July 28th, 2008 9:01 PM:

    No PC because they want console only this time.

  5. your description of online has me hooked to this now

    Bdog replied on July 28th, 2008 9:01 PM:

    Same here

  6. I already just purchased it for hold on the phone. going as well. Apollo, are you in Cali too ?

  7. That’s so cool how you can play the entire game online without doing any sort of war whatsoever. I will just buy this now. I’m not a major war guy, but thats cool!

  8. Love the review as well. thank you so much

  9. Review is SPOT on. have this game. People add me on PSN: Blooshot008. Let’s play!

  10. Really nice review. Love the ending

  11. Always loving these reviews. Honest and true forever and keeping it real. I love you WhatIfGaming ; (

    IBKING91 replied on July 28th, 2008 9:25 PM:

    Same here man same here

  12. Also love this game a lot. Huge strategy buff here. War all on! But I can be nice tooo

  13. Oh nice review. Another amazing title that people are overlooking. Then again, most of the games industry isn’t so clever to be playing these Historical strategies.

  14. Awesome review

  15. Ending is pretty nifty. Just as much is needed. Great stuff guys

  16. Awesome stuff though. Definitely buying this now

  17. Cool review guys!

  18. Really loving the War aspect. Headset between partners? I like that

  19. Love this review, thanks

  20. Gatta buy this now. Been a fan since Civ IV, just was waiting on a review from here. Can’t be renting this!

  21. Thanks guys. Buying it tomorrowwww

  22. Sid Meier is crazy. I’m glad to see this game turn up way better than the previous ones. Felt so lonely haha

  23. Online in previous ones SERIOUSLY sucked total b-lls.

  24. I’m so so so glad to see this review go in depth on the online aspects

  25. A lot of details were exiguous. Glad to see them better detailed here

  26. glad to see full online achievements as well

  27. Really cool review as usual WhatIf. Thank you : D

  28. I love that cover art mainly. I’d buy the game just for that. Since it got the approval, I’m going to go ahead and buy this.

  29. Really want this for PS3. Who wants to play?

  30. Btw, cool review WhatIfGaming

  31. Really loved the review haha

  32. Amazing review style as usual

  33. Going to buy it from an open store right now. I’m excited. Bye all

  34. Thanks for this guys! I love you as much as the rest do

  35. Cool online mic support!

  36. Definitely can’t wait for Civ VI now! Hahah. How will they top this? Seriously.

  37. Guys, I’m back and I just got it. SUPER psyched out. Ganna play = D!!

  38. I seriously love the art direction they did this time. It’s about the same, but overall different. Really liking it.

    Also, amazing review of course. Kudos

  39. As usual, I love these reviews at WhatIfGaming. Thank you all so much for these. Always look forward to them

  40. Cannot wait here to buy this tomorrow : D

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