Silent Hill 3 Review: Walk The Dark Halls

Silent Hill 3 Review

Konami’s Silent Hill series is known for two things: creepy atmosphere and awkward, underdeveloped stories. Silent Hill 3, released on the PlayStation 2 earlier this fall, continues both these traditions by offering up a survival horror adventure that is long on eeriness and short on sense with a psychological thrill. Silent Hill 3 is no’t so much about gameplay as it is about creating a disturbing world and immersing you in it, which is something it does very well.


I want a realistic horror title

…best Silent Hill game



I want

better enemy AI

more complex routes


Heather is an ordinary teenage girl who means well but also has a bit of an attitude. After an introductory sequence with a surprise twist, we find Heather in a burger joint in a shopping mall. She heads off to call her dad to let him know that she’s coming home soon, but then she meets up with a supposed detective who wants to talk to her about her birth. Heather does not want anything to do with the guy, so she heads into the ladies’ room and then bolts through a window that leads into a back alley.

When you lead Heather back into the mall through a service entrance, things go wrong. The halls are go empty, most of the shops are shut down and suddenly you come in contact with a zombie dog who’s munching on a corpse. You finally find a pistol, and this will definitely help you in dealing with this dog. The greatest thing about Konami’s third iteration is that the cut-scenes transition so well into the actual formality of the gameplay graphics. You do not even notice the switch, and that’s a great feature on its own.

Konami understands that if you do not see something, it is often more frightening than what you do see, so they let your imagination run wild. Most of the time, you will wander quiet rooms with no signs of life for miles. Suddenly a tortured scream or moan will echo or your portable radio will produce static to indicate a monster is nearby–a Silent Hill trademark. Talk about ‘ahh!’

Silent Hill 3 is overall a great game that has a few problems with controls. It is still worth it and  hopefully there will be a fourth iteration soon. We can’t wait.

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