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Silent Hill 4: The Room Review

Silent Hill has never been so real. As a town where pure evil permeates the air and the soil and eventually consumes the people, it is been the terrifying and brilliant idea by Konami. Each of the previous titles in the Silent Hill series of horror games has taken place in the town or some inertia of fear. Silent Hill 4: The Room breaks a strong trend because it takes place in the neighboring city of South Ashfield and centers mainly on an apartment building and the poor man who lives in it. He definitely pays too much rent to be having these typical maintenance troubles. Silent Hill 4 pairs third-person and new first-person gameplay with an emphasis on combat and item organization, breaking a tenet on simple overlays. The Room permeates an atmosphere of a disturbing, and dark soul that is a real treat for everyone who loves it, myself included.


I want the best Silent Hill game yet

…to feel what it would be like to be trapped

…intense and gritty environment

….beautiful character and enemy models



I want less scare…


The unfortunate hero of Silent Hill 4 is Henry Townshend, a man living what seems to be the normal city of South Ashfield. One night, Henry begins to experience intense and repetitive nightmares and awful headaches about his apartment being cursed. His phone is dead, his neighbors can’t hear him when he calls, his windows are sealed shut and his door is chained in 12 different ways. Thick chains are blocking his escape with a funny detail: bolted inside out, that is. A note says “Don’t Go Out, Walter!” He begins to explore his weird apartment, and finds a man-sized hole in the bathroom and climbs in. The fun begins. Henry really has no options and gathers his courage and crawls through the portal to find and exit. What he finds instead will lead him on a journey that will reveal the past of his apartment in Room 302.

Silent Hill 4: The Room is a beautiful game that combines decent combat, with a remarkable sotry of a psychological-thriller that Silent Hill has always been known for. While not all of the changes made necessarily serve to enhance the series — the dark, gripping and gruesome storyline is what Silent Hill 4: The Room is about. Buy Silent Hill 4 now for PS2, Xbox, or PC…and experience pure horror.

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