WhatIfGaming E3 ’08: Silent Hill 5: Ex-lusive Interview.

Ex–lusive… Get it ? Elusive Silent Hill…Ex-lusive… nevermind. Just watch the interview and keep here. We have a ton of great stuff coming up!

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. Awesome interview. Love that there’s gameplay finally, but I prefer no gameplay and more face-face video.

  2. Can’t wait

  3. hahah. I love the nurses. Ownage

  4. September!?!? PREORDERING NOW.

  5. Yeah, Definite preorder for me. Glad 360/PS3 are very identical. I think you’re standing next to a PS3 one and the feed is from PS3, so I’m soooo happy

  6. Amazing interview. Keep all of these coming. I love it here

  7. Quick Q: was castlevania there?

  8. What about Rock Revolution? Heard that was awful!

  9. At least they have Silent Hill. Let’s be real, any fan of horror is going to buy it. GIVEN

  10. Awesome interview

  11. I can’t wait for this one

  12. I can’t wait for this one!!

  13. Seriously. GIVE IT TO ME

  14. What’s that intro beat? UGH!!!

  15. It’s probably a friend or local artist

  16. SH 5 ftw once again. I’m in Harvard right now, so once my 101 Chem 2B is done, SH 5 timeeee

  17. I want an open world game. Way more open world

  18. We’re talking, silent hill 5 open world. Go anywhere do anything

  19. Glad it’s not quicktime

  20. I honestly loved quicktime, but flash is better and it’s great looking. High quality encode no doubt

  21. Thanks again

  22. God the effects look great on it

  23. Thanks again. I’m glad I read about this site from PA. Awesome

  24. Exclusive fun

  25. I actually do understand the joke

  26. Very simple to understand actually

  27. Ex-lusive

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