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Silent Hill 5: Homecoming Preview

Ever since Silent Hill 4: The Room, Konami Digital Entertainment has been looking for a way to make the Silent Hill experience grittier, in a world of breadth and lascivious terror. With the announcement of Silent Hill: Homecoming, Konami shows that they have not only the production quality to make something very gritty, but the sheer amount of variety in an all open world where the norm is horror around the corner. Alex Shefield is the unfortunate caught in the dreary microcosm of Silent Hill after his brother goes suddenly missing. Throughout the world, Shefield will not only fight the existence that is the residents of Silent Hill, but will try and fight the bounds of reality itself through investigation and discovery.

Silent Hill 5: Homecoming Preview

We wake up very suddenly and to a shock of being strapped in a bloody stretcher as a masked stranger takes us to our apparent death. Across the way, bodies are being mutilated in various ways that would make Quentantino shake in his boots from his love of Hostels. Eventually, we wake up and have to repeatedly press the face buttons to rip the ties that bonds our protagonist. This scene is a perfect integration of what Konami has been working hard on making the environments themselves realistic. Players will find it even more exciting to interact with objects and scenarios in different ways that wasn’t possible in previous generation titles. We don’t have to flippantly go from one room to another, swing something, and move on. There’s an increased amount of reliability in knowing the surroundings.

The object interface is different now to allow players to critically think for themselves. Across the world you might find environments that help you gain access past certain points. When the player gets to a keypad, it’s impossible to know the code without delving into the environment. Search for the code, but be careful. Not everything is filled with scary noises. Danger can beset players at anytime. Once the items are gathered, try and make something of anything. If you have 2 X-Ray films with numbers on them, they must mean something. Nothing is nimiety with the items itself and there emerges a helpful provisionary aspect.

The graphics are simply great. Unless CG like quality is implemented in games within a few years, the graphics for a Silent Hill game are contrasted amazingly in comparison to previous generations in both size and scale, making use of both consoles to bring about identical image quality. When Silent Hill starts, the walls erode and everything becomes different. Textures, lighting, everything changes on the spot and helps to make for a more believable transition without loading screens in between.

Silent Hill 5: Homecoming Preview

Silent Hill 5 makes the most of what it has so far and manages to take certain methods that makes it desirable for the conditions. Crawling around in Silent Hill, enemies are aware of you better and in a much more convergent way than ever before. Even though the storyline doesn’t seem to be the most complex of plot hooks, the environment enough plays a major role in the overall impression of the story throughout the game. As long as Konami stays on this path during polishes, and even tries to push it a bit more, we can expect to have a surprisingly great and morbid time in Silent Hill when released this Fall.

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  1. Sweet! Can’t wait. Tbh, if this is scarier than SIREN, I can’t play it …no joke lol

  2. Will definitely buy it after August….DAY 1

  3. PS3 most likely. No differences between them then

  4. Amazing previews, thank you WiG

  5. Can anyone say pre-ordered?!

  6. Definite buy day # 1

  7. Hopefully it isn’t sold out like SH 4. But it probably will be

  8. Sweetums on the preview. Looking forward to this game A LOT.

    Conjuredevil replied on July 29th, 2008 11:34 PM:

    Same here. Love horror. SIREN was akward for me..a bit TOO realistic. haha But this will do NICELY

  9. Must get for anyone. Huge fanatic here

  10. Definitely a cool game

  11. When is this out ?

  12. Oh September, nevermind

  13. awesome preview. Completely stoked now

  14. Love the video interview done before too.

  15. Thanks!

  16. The writing is such key here, I’m in love with WhatIfGaming for this

  17. Haha they said they love us too. Sweeet

  18. As for SH:H, can’t wait here.

  19. Super excited, and ready with all the previous games :D, minus 1.

  20. Going to preorder tomorrow

  21. Got my $60 ready =D

  22. Seriously awesome game. Videos make me DROOL. Bless Konami ; ( !

  23. Juicy preview : D

  24. Had this pre-ordered the day it was announced. Anything Silent Hill has to be mind naturally. haha

  25. SIREN was amazing you guys. Too scary? Nah. Just right.

  26. Silent Hill 5 also won Best Action Game from WhatIfGaming from 1,000 nominee committee. It must be good.

  27. Can’t wait to try this !

  28. As soon as I step into Silent Hill, I’m just going to hide haha.

  29. Why couldn’t this be on PC? Makes me cry. Luckily I have a PS3. EXCITTED!! WOOO!! This preview has me pumped.

  30. I really want this game now. I will pay $100 regular edition if Konami hands this to me RIGHT now. Haha

  31. $100? A bit too cheap. $200 is more like it. Silent Hill has been at the center of a masterpiece for horror, and Silent Hill: Homecoming (given this preview), is looking no different!

    I’m so glad. PS3 here I come

  32. Very NICE preview. Love WhatIfGaming as always

  33. It’s looking really nice

  34. Had it on preorder day 1, glad to see I don’t have to cancel it like I did HAZE

  35. Really great stuff

  36. I want this game right now as well : (

  37. Patience is a virtue luckily for me.

    Pancakes replied on July 30th, 2008 12:23 AM:

    Don’t worry man. I hate the wait too. This game, with the interview and the preview just now has me ready for some confusion.

  38. amazing preview with the same best and prestige quality I come for. Thanks WhatIf

  39. Preordering this now as well

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