Skate 2 Review: The Beautiful Vanelona Sky

Skate 2 Review

Skate 2 is finally here, and it’s putting the heat on the original Skate, known so much for the incredible depth of the skate scene. Skate 2 supplants realism from the greatest grind, to the best vert flip. Skate 2 takes elements such as the ‘camera-guy’ approach for short tutorials to aid newcomers, and is a great and powerful new and exciting entry into the genre and the New San Vanelona.

Handplants - FInally.

Handplants - Finally.

The protagonist just returns from prison to find New San Vanelona has changed, along with the realism of the gameplay. Five years later, Mongocorp has completely industrialized and rebuilt the city in its own sadistic image: protection of private property to hamper a skating scene to the fullest. It’s up to you to restore the skate scene and revive a new attitude in the people of New San Vanelona.

Skate 2 fuses realism with the love for skating. That’s what it is about after all.  Grab a chair, move it around, and just play around with the new “Move It” feature. Controller design is exactly the same as Skate with face buttons and shoulder buttons allowing players to try out all kinds of tricks. One main problem that Skate itself was not void of: missing tricks. Hippy jumps, handplants, one-foots are everywhere. Tricks are created by the distillation of ideas by the inventors of skating themselves, so it’s hard to figure out what to limit and not limit on a game that’s focusing on the reality. In the instances of realism, skaters usually get off of their board. Not in Skate, but finally Skate 2 delivers the ability to hop off of your board. Running up New San Vanelona is a great accomplishment as funny as it sounds, but it opens up for a more expanded gameplay in the metropolis. EA Blackbox gives players the exact amount of contribution they need to put into Skate 2 to get things rolling and the action constantly lucid and unmuddled.

Skate 2 Review

Expression is often most difficult to display in a sports game that naturally threads out of a person’s interest in what is on the screen. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Skate 2 is that it gains the novelty for finally allowing board-lovers to express themselves through customizing the skater more intensely and enabling skate.Reel, all of which allow people to share experiences with each other or fulfill their own desires. The expression in Skate 2’s online is limitless as you can nail tricks in campaign mode, and seamlessly enter online mode. The same loveable Skate online adventure is still here, but with enhanced competitive modes that range from larger freeplay maps to losing major cash in bails for competitions. Admittedly, it still has some problems as it does not do anything too exciting but it definitely improves the tremendous quality that Skate had but forgot to fulfill.

Skate 2 has taken the most blissful things from Skate and completely turned it around to feature greater realism of physics, more tricks, and finally the long awaited ability to journey further into the world of San Vanelona by jumping off the board. This game is undoubtedly one for the best skating games on this side of the city. Get out there and save New San Vanelona. They need a skating savior.

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