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Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves is bigger, longer, and Sly-er than the previous two in the franchise. Sly Cooper’s unique presentation and charm has remained intact though. Of course several things have changed for Sly in recent years–he’s dropped the tricky-pronouncing manual from the title, added a few more characters into the lineup, and now, in the third game, he has a more 3D appearance. These small changes have either slightly accentuated or not affected the gameplay at all, which helps it to be a more thorough game than from we have seen before in this series. Although Sly 3 still suffers from a relative ease that has always plagued the series, the gameplay is varied and clever enough to keep a player of any skill level’s attention.


I want Sly and company badly

…variety in gameplay that is clever and detailed



I want

more cinematic appearance


The events of the game begin right where Sly 2: Band of Thieves left off. Although it helps to be familiar with the Sly Cooper storyline and concepts, you can still pick up Sly 3 and jump right into gameplay–just don’t expect to get all the inside jokes. When last we saw Sly, things were somewhat shaky among the central three characters. Bentley, had suffered a crippling accident and was now confined to a wheelchair. The muscle, Murray, blamed himself for the incident and ran off to seek a more peaceful life of meditation. The game begins with the group disorientated, and a new challenge facing Sly Cooper. At the onset, we learn that Sly’s family, the notorious thieves named Cooper, had a vault where they kept all of their treasures. An evil genius named Dr. M is attempting to crack into the vault, and he has set up a fortress around it. Sly understands that, in order to get his family fortune back, he must assemble a team of experts to get through the fortress and to the vault, which only Sly can open.

The gameplay is more like Sly 2 in that it seems to be made of minigames. These vary from an opera-singing contest, a pirate-insult-joke face-off, Monkey Island-style; airplane dogfights; and countless others. Although some of the sequences repeat themselves, the game does an excellent job of keeping everything fresh by throwing in every minigame you could possibly conceive of, and more. In some respects, the gameplay changes far too often and does not give the player a chance to home in on a specific task and master it.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves continues the trend by providing more content and variety. Although the 3D was horrible, the gameplay is good and players will enjoy the variety of scenarios in the game’s many missions. The story mode is rich and entertaining, and this game is nothing less.

If…I love raccoons…espionage…great storyline


If…I hate somewhat clunky controls…


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