Snowpiercer Review: The Train With The Eerily Cold Presence

snowpiercerSnowpiercer is the next sci-fi adventure based on global-warming and all things life-threatening. Starring Chris Evans as Curtis, this science-fiction adventure takes the audience through a train that travels around the globe in an apocalyptic world. The movie is full of action sequences that are memorable and enticing.

Snowpiercer starts off after a global-warming experiment accidentally kills off the entire population, minus some people who end up being on a large train. Each compartment of the train features a class stratum distinction, with the head of the train housing the most luxurious of residents. This was one of the most original scripts to come out of 2014 thus far in terms of a science-fiction narrative, and as the rebels grew exacerbated by the class system and made their way forward in rebellion across the train, the viewer is left in awe at not just the visuals of the storyline but also the thematic unfolding of the tense elements that make up the train’s class system.

Each level becomes more and more unbelievable and eerie, making our seats colder with each new storyline element until the very end. The acting performances by Chris Evans and Jamie Bell as Curtis’ best friend Edgar in the movie surpassed onscreen tension. Snowpiercer keeps things interesting until the very end and though the ending lacks a bit of logic and seems rather superfluous in its explanation of the train itself, we are left with a solid science fiction film that a lot of people will be happy to see this month.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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