SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Review

Watch out Counter-Strike, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs is here and will be the very first such online gaming experience for a great number of PlayStation 2 owners. Sony and SOCOM’s developer, Zipper Interactive, obviously knew what they were doing in SOCOM and have constructed an online game that is surprisingly deep but extremely easy to get into and very fun.

Getting online with SOCOM once you’ve set up your network adapter is as simple as choosing “online” from the game’s main menu and then entering a user name and password. The game’s 10 online maps all support two to 16 players, and each map focuses on one of three different gameplay types: demolition, suppression, or extraction. Demolition calls for the destruction of the opposing team’s base using explosives. Suppression is a team-based deathmatch that ends when one of the two teams is completely eliminated. Extraction calls for the rescue of key hostages by the SEALs team. One of the game’s notable online features is the ability to create “clans” with other players and then manage them in their clan’s community center, which allows clan members to post messages for one another. The game also keeps track of online players’ records, so you can see how you and your friends stack up against everyone else. The online action works well over a DSL connection, with little to no lag even in a full 16-player game.

While the major draw of SOCOM is certainly the game’s online play component, the game does include a fairly substantial single-player campaign that consists of 12 missions set in a variety of locations around the globe. Almost all the missions have three main objectives that you must complete in order to move on to the next. The main objectives include activities such as blowing up enemy weapon depots, assassinating specific targets, rescuing prisoners, and gathering intelligence by retrieving enemy maps and laptop computers. Each mission begins with a brief overview that gives you a rundown of the situation and your objectives.

SOCOM is undoubtedly a game for anyone who loves team play, and is a must-get.

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