Son of Rambow Review: Imagination Fun

Son of Rambow is endearing. A joyous affair that practically drowns audiences with seemingly inexhaustible amounts of charm and whimsy, it is an all-singing, all-dancing explosion of nostalgia, and the perfect film to usher in the summer.

A charmingly original film, Son of Rambow is a gem from start to finish. Imagine Jack Black and Mos Def from Be Kind, Rewind sweding Danny Boyle’s Millions, and you would be somewhere in the wild and wonderful world of this nostalgic romp through the 1980s, seen through the eyes of two young, impressionable youths falling in love with cinema for the first time. And with a Rambo film, no less! It is a love letter to childhood, to the age of innocence, and to that one glorious moment when a young boy or girl sees a film for the first time and realizes the incredible possibilities of the art.

Son Of Rambow is the sophomore theatrical offering from director Garth Jennings and producer Nick Goldsmith. As the follow-up to their oft-maligned and conceptually challenging adaptation of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a good-natured (if ill-fated) affair that unraveled under the weight of its own material that failed to impress both fans and studio executives alike, this film has a lot riding on the line for the duo. Going back to basics, they opted to tackle a more personal (and self-penned) subject, a concept Jennings has been trying to pitch to executives for years, one with obvious inspiration from their own young lives.

Word of mouth will drive Son Of Rambow to be the first break out hit of the summer. Jennings and Goldsmith may have come up short with Hitchhiker’s, but Son of Rambow is a soul-cleansing, redeeming, slam-dunk success, and you owe it to yourself to seek out this film and attend the first screening possible. A feel-good film is a fine and wonderful thing, but it is another thing entirely to find a film that makes you feel like a better human being for having watched it.

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