Sony BMG: Get An Xbox 360 For Sexy Jessica Simpson Contest

Sony BMG started a competition last year that tied in with the release of Jessica Simpson’s latest album, which I’m sure everyone just lined up for.

All one had to do was simply fill out the form with all your details, and you’re entered into the draw. This is not really a case of companies and loyalties, as much as it is a case of promotions by different corporate branches (BMG and Electronics under the same Sony label), which is actually quite funny when you think about it. One would expect better communication or at least promotion regulations on things like this, even if the issue is a year old. Did no one there think about offering a free PlayStation 3 game instead or something? The album itself is available in the US, Japan and Australia, already and for the UK on the January 29th, 2007 Yeah yeah, we made a date error–call FOX! Rewards for Xbox Live members included exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the video for “A Public Affair,” and an opportunity to win an Xbox 360™ and a copy of Jessica’s new CD. which will be sold out soon. A video of the song “A Public Affair” can be found on the Marketplace for Xbox 360 J. Simpson fans. Go crazy to remind us of this oldie content

Jessica Simpson Promotion

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