Sony Ericsson W810i Review: Solidly Percepted

Sony is the largest entertainment industry leader in the world, and has been the only leader in the cell phone market without a true carrier for a long while. But does that stop them from producing quality products in comparison to more sleek styles? Nope.

Design & Influence
Sony has always hunned the industry’s major trend–skinny phones–in favor of high-featured, well-performing models. Both the Sony Ericsson W800i and W600i fit this bill, and the company now introduces America to its third Walkman phone, the W810i. Encased in an eye-catching black, the W810i offers all its predecessors’ high-end, powerful features, such as a high-resolution camera, Bluetooth, and a media player, while making a number of design changes. Overall, it is a quality phone despite some minor performance issues, but it is not a huge upgrade over the W800i. Both of Sony’s W800i and W600i Walkman phones came in orange skins, as did the Walkman music player interface. For the Sony Ericsson W810i, however, the company took a slightly different track and dressed the phone in basic black. Sure, the Walkman interface is still the color of the Florida-grown citrus fruit, but the black exterior provides a nice contrast. At 3.9 by 1.8 by 0.8 inches and 3.5 ounces, it is exactly the same size as the W800i, and it retains the solid, comfortable feel in the hand. Surpassing many other cell phones in quality, the rich, vibrant display supports 262,144 colors and measures 1.8 inches diagonally (176×220 pixels). It is fantastic for scrolling through the menus, viewing pictures and videos, and playing games, but it is harder to see in direct light, and it goes completely dark when the backlighting is off.

More to know

The Sony Ericsson W810i has a rated talk time of eight hours and a promised standby time of 14.6 days. In our tests, however, we got a little more than six hours of talk-time battery life and 12 days of standby time. According to the FCC, the W810i has a digital SAR rating of 1.04 watts per kilogram.

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