Spiderman: The Movie Review

Time to become Spiderman. The game’s 3D environments are much larger and better-looking, and there is significantly more detail throughout them. But underneath all of that is a game that is remarkably similar to its predecessors, despite various refinements made to the controls and the gameplay. In fact, Spider-Man: The Movie has inherited many of the problems that plagued Activision’s previous Spider-Man games, particularly the shoddy camera system.

While that may be a necessary evil in attempting to capture the movements of Marvel Comics’ famous webslinger in a game, other issues–like the game’s questionable enemy AI–could have been avoided. Still, Spider-Man: The Movie executes the core elements of the Spider-Man experience well and, in particular, features some great outdoor levels.

If you’ve played any of the other Activision Spider-Man games, then you will be able to jump right into Spider-Man: The Movie–the default control scheme is essentially identical to the one found in those games. Likewise, newcomers will find that the default controls are relatively simple, with each of Spider-Man’s main abilities–including hand-to-hand combat, webslinging, and web zip lines–mapped to individual buttons on the PlayStation 2 controller.

The only problem in this game is one fact: Spiderman can’t touch the ground? Are you kidding? Not being able to touch the ground in the city is one of the most annoying things – ever. Bad job Activision. No matter how good the swinging looks.

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