Splinter Cell: Conviction Preview – Sam Fisher Is Not The Same

Splinter Cell: ConvictionSam Fisher is simply not the same in Splinter Cell: Conviction. With a brand new look, amazing hair, and a different attitude, he is simply good looking and an unbelievably anticipated force in the Xbox 360 and PC lineup for 2009. Along with the better structure, Sam Fisher goes rogue and walks away from having an operator in his ear all the time for the forces. His mission: vengeance. His cause: to kill the drunk driver that killed Sarah Fisher in Double Agent. After evading the authorities in Double Agent, Sam is officially undercover two years later. The focus shifts to the theme of daylight and high contrast colors with a brown tone luminance. With his hunt for personal revenge, Sam’s quest will take him across the globe from Malta and then, eventually, Washington in an epic controversy that is not just a simple hit and run after all. As a fugitive on a vendetta, Sam is without his usual Swiss Army Knife or his other gadgets and most notably his suit. Instead, he presents a fashion worthy of ‘Top Sexy Men 2009’ with an Alfani coat, a Versache backpack, and rough collar blazer by Marc &Ecko. This time around, weapons will be gained from downed enemies.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Our demo started with Sam breaking off a rear-view mirror of his own SUV to make a improvisional snake cam to see through the reflected light of doors. Along the way, Sam will have tons more plenty items that have been cleverly integrated by Ubisoft. As Fisher continues, the mission text revolves at the side of a building: ‘Infiltrate The Mansion,” in a very plausible yet elegant etching. There is an arms dealer known as Andriy Kobin, who is believed to be Sarah’s killer and located in Malta. As soon as we get inside, we are introduced to another combat mechanism that might seem familiar but is revolutionary to the Splinter Cell franchise: mark-and-execute.

The “mark and execute” feature allows Sam to identify targets before storming a room and eliminating them. By marking targets prior to entry, Sam will auto-aim and fire once the command is issued as soon as the level is entered into. Interactive objects, lights, and other traps can also be chosen for very clever strategic planning, which adds to the overall foundation of gameplay.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Players seeking an actual immersible experience should be elated to know that Splinter Cell: Conviction eliminates load screens. Finally, everything is presented through the game’s engine. Ubisoft has finally taken a step towards the more cinematic approach, with video updates that will also be projected in front of Sam. These videos, according to the developers, represent a mental projection of Sam’s thoughts, including information on suspects and flashbacks of Sarah’s death. Conviction’s visuals are simply stunning, and WhatIfGaming is very excited to see more before the game’s launch.

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