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Evolution is a funny thing, and Spore is more than that rather than just about that. Since Spore is launching soon, a sandbox gameplay experience outlining the growth of creatures through a user created universe, we decided to catch up with Maxis Software executive Patrick Buechner.

WhatIfGaming: Talk to us. We know you’re very busy, and can see that given that Spore is so close. Busy?

Patrick Buechner: Definitely a busy time of the year! Spore will be in stores on September 7 in North America and September 5 in Europe, so we are constantly getting ready for those dates.

WhatIfGaming: How does the team feel now that Spore has recently gone gold and is finished?

Patrick Buechner: The team at Maxis is definitely excited by the upcoming launch and it is been what we have been working since we started over 2 years ago with this project and the time is finally here.

WhatIfGaming: So far from what we played at E3 and just recently at GC behind closed doors, it is looking to be a strong contender for WhatIfGaming’s Overall Game of the Year. We are already getting inputs from some of the 1,500 industry experts (freelancers, other developers) for the initial nominees, and it is looking really good for Spore.

Patrick Buechner: That’s great to hear. We have loved the input you guys and everyone has given us, and are looking forward to seeing what the Spore fans on our official website will make once they get all the tools from the game. As for WhatIfGaming’s Game of the Year, we’d love to walk away with that prize or are hoping to.

WhatIfGaming: Couple of things regarding Spore’s aftermath in specific to consoles. Sims 3 is looking simply fantastic with the whole open world, nonsectarian closed border environment. Everyone knows Maxis is working hard on that, but what about a console version of Spore? Details have been vague from Maxis HQ.

PB: It is not going to be on launch, that’s for sure. We are still discussing details about it and they will not be soon.

WhatIfGaming: Are the console versions going to be the same as the PC versions or will there be any major differences?

PB: Spore itself is going to be a franchise. We are not going to make the same game for consoles for various reasons. When we do start work on console versions, they’re going to be different basically.

WhatIfGaming: So console hopefuls who are waiting on this will not see the same Spore as the PC version?

PB: That’s right. We want a different experience for the consoles, but it will have some of the same qualities as the PC platform. People shouldn’t expect the same game.

WhatIfGaming: Any idea of a release date for the console versions or any other details?

PB: We have no date set but probably 2010 roughly.

WhatIfGaming: Great. We are looking forward to reviewing the PC version soon and I’m sure console fans are eager for their version now. Patrick, thanks for doing this interview with us.

PB: No problem!

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  1. Wow, amazing interview. Can’t wait to see what they cook for consoles

  2. To be honest, with settings maxed out, the textures and stuff are a bit blurry.

    Spotted on it’s arms, there are planets you can start off on, I think there’s 6, not sure. Once you open it, it brings up a radial menu of sorts where you choose the Stage you want to play. At first, obviously, only Cell is available.

    Cell stage is really short, I did it in 40 minutes or so.

  3. Great interview.

    PCTechNerd replied on September 2nd, 2008 10:46 PM:

    Yeah, really good one

  4. BTW will consoles be downgraded in other words?

    PCEnthusiast replied on September 2nd, 2008 10:40 PM:

    different game, not Spore that’s for sure

  5. Not downgraded no

  6. the tribe phase and civ phase feel a bit empty, did both of those in under 30mins each because i was feeling slightly bored.

    But the creature phase was so much fun, i got to see all the guys i made in creature creator running around socializing, and wiped out a few of them.

  7. Really nice interview. thank you

  8. One thing that concerns me most about this game other than the DRM issues is spacing of land. is it big or small or what ?

  9. I do remember seeing a video showing the change from cell to creature and as far as I remember your multi-celled creature disappeared from 2D and was then shown creeping from the water it was in to the land where it had now evolved to be in. I imagine the transition might mean new options opening up to begin building (getting to the tribal stage) where you’ll then mate and create a village, and to get to civilisation you’ll begin to develop new tools as you get intelligent, with the end of that being development of a space craft.

  10. Good read but console players need to just upgrade their PC’s and buy the PC one if they want to play the actual version of spore.

  11. secuROM is BS. Censor all they want. I do not want to find thousands of planets covered in penis-monsters. This isn’t supposed to be an M-Rated game. Some of us may have kids and not want them to play a kid-friendly game filled with penises.

  12. I wasn’t particularly excited about this game prior to the release of the Creature Creator, I didn’t expect it to be anywhere near as good as a lot of people seemed to, but WhatIfGaming’s GOTY awards said it’s doing “good.” So it must be worth it, and I’ll buy it now when it comes out

  13. Good interview

  14. I’m actually anticipating this enough that I’m going to build a separate PC for it, and will just let that one get infected with SecureROM.

  15. Amazing review as they always are. thanks

  16. I spent a lot of time trying to contact the spore team. Its useless I gave up after a week. I was really anticipating this game but find I will never be able to buy it.

    I refuse to install Securom on my computers. I consider it illegal immoral and a form of property theft.

  17. I saw Will Wright demo the full game at the S.F. Apple Store last week and was totally amazed.

    The vehicle editors look even more fun than the creature creator. Wright was making all sorts of crazy shit, like a treaded ground vehicle with rocket engines and a pirate ship with a steamboat paddle wheel. As he navigated the Sporepedia menus, we caught a glimpse of his personal space vehicle collection, which included the Space Battleship Yamato and some Apollo-era stuff.

    The best part of the demo: his religious city (you can be military, economic, or religious) sent a vehicle to convert the neighboring city. The vehicle then projected a giant hologram of his creature giving a televangelist-like speech. This intimidated and awed the neighboring city and it was converted.

    A close second is the creature creator during the City/civilization phase. It allows you to add funny accessories like derby hats, mustaches, Roman helmets, and body armor to your creatures.

    Spore is like an RTS/4X game more than anything. As someone who really wants to like enjoy games like Civilization and Galactic Civ, but finds them too complex, Spore’s “4X-lite” mode will prove very entertaining.

  18. When I see videos or read about this game, I feel a sensation that’s kind of like needing to rub one out.

    If Spore is terrible I will poison myself.

  19. REALLY cool interview!

  20. thanks 😀

  21. Console versions look like they’re ganna suck. I don’t care how much marketing BS of “unique for consoles” you throw. I’m not buying it.

  22. thanks again for this interview 😀

  23. cant wait for spore man

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