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LucasArts has always had the tendency to release games with the Jedi-swinging, blade thrusting label in a dark light. Boundlessly, players have been left desultory in showing any sort of concern to the general Star Wars direction in terms of video games. Countless accessories, a ton of spin-off, and many mediocre games after, LucasArts finally manages to make Star Wars: The Force Unleashed a game that doesn’t come up half awry. Any comic-con freak with a lightsaber under his belt will find consolation here, minus the slow slices of saber-burn trailing from the repetitive hack and slash combined with half witted mo-cap acting in a story presented so completely.

The prim compass of this latest Jedi action thriller comes to set between the stories of Episode III and IV, presenting something most people of the series always wanted to see. The sad part really comes from the fact that the story was based on something that wasn’t deemed important enough for the big screen. While the precept of having an original storyline come into a game from such a big name as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed itself, it lends itself to an inherent plague of automatically being downhearted. Coming through the fax machine, George Lucas sends his notes along for the writing team anxiously awaiting certain corrections from their own storyline. As anyone plays through Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, it’s ostensibly uneven to some extent. One minute the apprentice is stabbing Wookies, the next minute he’s crying with emotion. It’s just an example, but imagine a dozen of odd perforations across the board. While we applaud the effort, a more approachable storyline from some, even one person from the actual writing team from the films or countless of other decent novels would have made for a more interesting game.

The mechanics for the actual game itself are difficult at times. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed puts focus of bringing out the force to the maximum in players hands. You can pick up enemies, hurl them, and do whatever you can to them midair. The issue really turns into selective process. Your force powers only apply to certain things across the map and even though you can lift certain ships, you can’t lift an ARC-170. Something that would actually take some effort from the force and unleash it. We definitely need to say this: what the heck?

One great thing anyone can admire about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is just the sheer amount of technology within the game. Built upon two proprietary engines, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed takes Digital Molecular Matter and Euphoria into the realm of believable. While some of the assets aren’t as impressive when compared to the rest of the game, seeing rebel soldiers cling for their lives is just hilarious. This system isn’t perfect though. DMM is right on the spot, but Euphoria takes a hit. After enemies die and if they’re still held by the force in mid-air, all you ever see is them struggling. Once put down, their body is lifeless. Doesn’t make much sense that someone with a lightsaber just plunged fully into his heart would survive the outcome. Aside from this, the morbidness of the reality makes itself something worth seeing and paying money for up front. It just doesn’t get old.

Lame brains and mediocre manifestation aside, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is an essential component to any Star Wars fans game database. We’re at least glad this isn’t another game in a series of long games LucasArts excreted in the past. We were all tired of squad commandeering in Squad Commando’s, we were sick of the foolish games that made us play machines in a huge war, with Jedi’s as a “weapon” choice. We were dead tired of the old single player and glitched online play that Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy offered, at least having something to actually do with the main action in Star Wars. Now we arrive at Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and at least we’re not left totally disappointed. Runner up to many of our “Best of E3 Awards” WhatIfGaming Prizes, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is something fresh, and new enough to be considered worth buying and playing for long hours at a time. A Star Wars game that actually makes use of something so long forgotten by LucasArts: the Jedi experience.

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  1. lol

  2. no one said it would suck this much ! 😀

  3. Lame is the name

  4. hahaha

  5. This is why LucasArts fails me everyday

  6. I have to honestly agree with the reviewer on this one. It’s a good game, but it still sucks for the most part.

  7. Not bad completely though.

  8. really nice and honest review, thank u

  9. This is why I love WhatIfGaming

  10. Super good review. Thanks! Much loved.

  11. epic combo system? I don’t know about all of that. the voice acting was pretty good and the plot was decent (nothing amazing) but the combat is so frustrating (thanks in part to a shitty targeting system) that it’s hard to forgive this game since combat is one of the most important aspects of any action game. And as far as telekinesis powers go, other games (like psi-ops on the PS2) have already done this (and done it well…6 YEARS AGO) so there’s nothing really novel about this game…nor is there anything in particular that stands out in a world full of AAA games from all genres. This game was a complete disappointment for me.

  12. Ah my work day can’t end fast enough. I’m pretty satisfied with the gameplay I saw in the demo, but what I really want after all of these teasers in the reviews is to find out what the story is. I’ve had to force myself not to pick up the book and rip through it before playing the game.

  13. I’m no Star Wars fan, I haven’t even seen one of the movies, but I did have some fun with the demo for the game. I’m on the fence about picking it up because of the mediocre reviews. This review does a lot to point out that I think I would really enjoy the game, but I still don’t know. Excellent review either way.

  14. I thought the game would be kind of lame. But actually a good review? And a trustworthy source. I might pick this up now.

  15. nice review usman

    antaraa replied on September 16th, 2008 10:22 PM:

    Completely Agreed on this one.

  16. Really good review, and I will pick this up tomorrow. Can’t wait for reviews on Dead Space, Littlebigplanet, Silent Hill especially, Legendary, (Still waiting on SPORE!!), Fallout 3. Biggest titles of Fall minus FC 2. Thanks guys!

  17. Amazing review, and finally one with zero spoilers. Honestly when will these other “reviewers” fuc**#g learn?

    Thank you Usman Ihtsham for an amazing review. Everyone on digg and GAF is loving it

  18. And yet, I remain unsurprised by the review. Some good, some bad, overall OK? Might just rent it.

  19. Thanks

  20. I’m honestly such a huge fan of the game’s technology, I’m glad it was seen in a light like this. Thank you WhatIfGaming. Love u guys as always

  21. Really great and amazing review as always

  22. Was so excited for this one. Ganna buy it regardless of bad plot.

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