Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Beta Impressions Preview- Begin The Revival

We are going to keep this short since we already have previewed the single-player campaign for this. The beta essentially details some missions that will be a part of Raynor’s adventure and fight in the new and changed universe. The beta highlights some key concepts and overall displays an incredible detail with aspects as the single-player campaign evolves. While actual differences are few, the multiplayer shows a lot of promise similar to the single-player campaign and a lot of offerings as the same field narrative mechanics.

Below is the invite to the beta we received January 17th, 2010 12:30 AM for our very eager, and incessantly e-mailing readers. Also, stay tuned for the big giveaway we are going to do with the Starcraft II Beta Giveaway. 8 very lucky people will receive a beta code for this [chosen from our readers that e-mail] which we obtained from Blizzcon 2008.

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