Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Preview – I Bring Tidings of Doom, The Artifacts Are The Key.

Starcraft II is irrefutably shaping up to be one of the best titles of 2010 in the RTS landscape, and this is all based on just what we have seen with one out of three faction campaigns.  Within this space opera adventure and sequel to perhaps one of the best RTS game of its time, Starcraft II lays a prominence which sways players into the nostalgic ruins of the lives of the terran, zertg, and protoss campaigns.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty begins after the years of Brood War for the original Starcraft as the reprobate and vicious war placed between the iconic factions is still taking place: Terran space marines, Zerg maniacs, and Protosss aliens that are ready to slaughter anyone in their way. The heroic yet defiant human officer Jim Raynor finds himself in a dilemma with the human leader Arcturus Mengsk and his former stealth specialist lover that became the dominant Zerg hive queen Kerrigan. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty shows Raynor is still trying to deal with the issues of the new threats and older rivalries. Considered a dangerous outlaw by Emperor Mengsk, Raynor is the symbol of freedom as he leads Raynor’s Fighters into battle against the totalitarian regime of Mengsk as first priority with almost all the hope and glory in the mindset. Suddenly, the TV monitor divulges details that the Zerg, having remained dormant for years, have resurfaced and launched a full-scale assault on sectors in the universe as the pernicious Kerrigan leads the onslaught.

Starcraft II gameplay interaction where players are able to choose missions through their choices and ultimately feel an emotional construct with Jim Raynor and how his character ends up, since multiple endings are part of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. The single-player campaign begins with a battlefield and a mission Raynor decides to choose. The mission types within Starcraft II: are designed to be varied and progressive, a more unique approach than the set pieces of Starcraft; early missions are concentrate on acquiring credits, munitions, and equipment while the rest focus on tactical advantages in the game. Rather than detailing the missions to an extreme, we will just generally detail two missions. The very first mission in the game acts as a tutorial and puts Raynor in the charge to head a small group of marines as they liberate a mining colony oppressed by Mengsk’s forces, and while the mechanics of the mission focus primarily on teaching you how to select, move, and attack with your units, the mission also serves to introduce the changed universe to Raynor. Raynor’s Raiders need to fight against other Terran marines in the Mengsk employ while avoiding the death of casualties of civilians who surround a holographic statue of the emperor. Another mission had an evacuation of a small medical facility dominated by the Zerg. Fighting across different outposts of survivors, we had to guard caravans as the Zerg attack ramped up and the medical officers contemplated the ferocity of the invaders this time around.

Starcraft II’s missions aim to have multiple objectives that can change over time and depending on the player choices throughout other missions. These missions are also supported with an incredible amount of in-game cinematic engine cutscenes along with picture briefings from various characters providing incentives and commentary face-to-face than COM-link to COM-link.

Starcraft II is necromantic from the gameplay aspects seen so far that are exhibited throughout every mission and choice, and to the core gameplay mechanics and storyline that is simply incredible at its inception in just a short glimpse. Starcraft II shows a lot of promise that seems to be in talented hands of Blizzard Entertainment.

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