Street Fighter IV: Crimson Viper Ready To Kick Ass

Capcom updated their media today and revealed details on Street Fighter IV‘s new characters. Crimson Viper, a sexy lady who you do not want to fuck with. Her moves include: Thunder Knuckle, Seismic Hammer, and Burning Kick. She can also jump really high (a plus) and can unleash two powerful combo’s Emergency Combination and Burst Time. All the details are after the jump.

Using devices concealed in her gloves and boots, C. Viper unleashes the power of electricity with her left hand and calls upon the power of seismic shocks with her right. Jets hidden within her boots allow for fiery kicks and propulsion assisted high jumps. Her moves as varied as they are flashy, providing her with a good deal of options in the ring.

Thunder Knuckle
The device in her glove emits a powerful electric shock as Viper charges forward. The jab version of this move can sneak underneath some projectiles such as fireballs and Sonic Booms, allowing her to surprise her attacker with a well timed counterattack. The fierce version moves upward at a diagonal angle, allowing for defense against aerial attacks.

Burning Kick
This move utilizes the power of fire with an aerial spinning kick. Viper can surprise opponents attempting to knock her off her feet by suddenly unleashing this powerful move. This move can also be used while in the air following a jump and can be used to cancel a standard attack, allowing for both air to air and air to ground tactics.

Seismic Hammer
Powerful shockwaves emitted from Viper’s glove cause seismic disruptions that knock unwary opponents off their feet. Basically, it behaves like a low flying projectile, with the button used determining the distance of the impact. Jab attacks directly at her feet. Strong moves a bit farther away. Fierce connects with players all the way across the screen.

High Jump
Special joystick inputs allow players to take advantage of this special jump available only to C. Viper. Using jump jets concealed within her boots, Viper jumps much higher than ordinary legs can carry her, allowing for intense aerial battles and sneak attacks from above.

Emergency Combination
Crimson Viper’s Super Combo has her utilizing all her powers at once, continuously punching her opponent using both electric and shockwave attacks, moving forward all the while. She finishes this all off with a spectacular kick that unleashes an arc of searing flame! This move is well suited to ground to ground situations.

Burst Time
Crimson Viper’s Ultra Combo starts by unleashing the forces of electricity and shockwaves at once, then following the punishing blows with a arcing kick enshrouded in fire! Although the range of the initial blast is rather limited, this move is versatile enough to be used in both ground to ground and ground to air situations, making it an indispensable part of Viper’s formidable arsenal.

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