Until Dawn Review: Try To Make It Until Dawn

Add a cabin, an encapsulating atmosphere in the snowy mountains, a ton of night-time dichotomy and what is the result? Tons of death, blood, gore and a bucket of tears. Or to put it another way — Until Dawn: publisher Sony Computer Entertainment and developer Supermassive Games’ latest thriller title based on the roots of similar titles like Heavy Rain, The Order: 1886, and Indigo Prophecy. It’s a...[Read More]

Super Mario Maker Review: If Only We Could Be Together

It’s all about one word: imagination. Super Mario Maker and developer Nintendo takes that word and pays homage to it for every Mario fan worldwide by allowing people to essentially have a Super Mario game with endless levels. Sure, if your level doesn’t make the cut, then Nintendo will likewise cut it from the game (so it is said), but a lot of the levels here are simply endless. This is one of th...[Read More]

Grand Theft Auto V Review: The World Which Comes Alive Again

Grand Theft Auto V has returned this year for the open world action-adventure lovers worldwide who have invested in the city of Los Santos since the original title’s debut on September 16, 2013, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Rockstar Games has brought the renowned franchise to the next generation with essentially improved stunning graphics, a few more side-quests that differ from th...[Read More]

Bloodborne Review: A Gothic Vision of True Terror

The dark depths of Bloodborne’s Yarnham fills my heart with fear in each step and with every passing turn. Even if not exactly terrifying and making me drop my controller, the sheer balance of content mixed with a masochistic sense of punishment create for one very gothic-styled masterpiece. This is the exhilarating and punishing game people wanted developer From Software’s Dark Souls 2 to be and ...[Read More]

Sunset Overdrive Review: The Apocalyptic Fun Has Just Begun

Insomniac Games has been creating some of the best franchises for Sony Computer Entertainment for a long time – most notably Ratchet & Clank along with Jak & Daxter. This time, they take their creative genius over to Microsoft with Sunset Overdrive – an open world action adventure which features zombies and a lot of heart in every part of the city. There is action here that ranged from jum...[Read More]

The Evil Within Review: Horror That Falls Flat On Its Face

The Evil Within is all about the crazy, the looney, and the insane. That is where everything starts, and rather than take a realistic approach, The Evil Within opts to take a bland approach to storyline that often deters people from the reality of the tension in the situation of being trapped in an insane asylum and combines it with the mediocrity that is terrible gameplay. The Outlast copy cat in...[Read More]

Forza Horizon 2 Review: Kicks Drive Club’s Ass

Often most games try to reach too far and for the clouds.  Drive Club is this title that fails miserably. And to top it off – how terrible a game can be to offer such a marketing campaign as “Forza-killer” and then follow up with such disappointing performance that made me snore in front of the wheel. Thankfully there is Forza Horizon 2 for anyone actually looking to spend their ...[Read More]

The World’s Only Real Watch Dogs Coat Replica & UbiWorkshop Scam Artistry

Ubisoft has been a disappointment when it comes to Watch Dogs. The game’s lackluster visuals propped through false advertising and linear boring gameplay to create something that was only slightly memorable to us and many others. To continue this trend, UbiWorkshop, a shop division located right next to Watch Dogs developer Ubisoft Montreal, also released a rather weird looking Watch Dogs Le...[Read More]

Crucial M550 Review – An Affordable Greatness

The Crucial M550 has arrived – built with its Marvell 88SS9189 controller for something truly great. The design of the Crucial M550 is sleek and carries almost a military style grading that is common for the name of Solid State Drive (sounds very fancy). Essentially, gone are the days of clicking disks as we have previously covered, and the Crucial 1 TB ushers in this new standard with such a pass...[Read More]

Infamous: Second Son Review – Superpowers Are Not Everything

Infamous: Second Son has a lot of potential for Sony Computer Entertainment and Sucker Punch’s next generation title. Delsin Rowe has a lot to struggle with between the DUP and his search of identity. In between all of that, he is kicking butt and taking no names. Infamous: Second Son has its share of gameplay balance issues when it comes to morality, but keeps together a formula that is refined a...[Read More]

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review – Gives Us The Chills

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze brings the iconic platformer from the SNES days to the Nintendo Wii U. The vine-swinging is as ferocious as ever and the memories are rampant through the lush scenery of the jungles to the savannahs. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze creates the platformer that a lot of Nintendo fans will love.

Thief 4 Review: The Master Returns

After a decade, Garrett has returned in the shadowy robes of the night – as the Master Thief that he is in Thief 4. The gameplay in Thief 4 takes elements of the old, but retains few. The developers at Eidos Montreal wanted to advance into a new market console territory through fresh gameplay and exciting ambiance, but missed some key marks in both of these areas.

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