Take-Two And Financial Report Sparks

On March 11, 2008 Take-Two held a conference call, which discussed its financial results for the first fiscal quarter of 2008 (Oh dear god, look out!). This was then posted on its website. On a note of interest was the net revenue for $240.4 million. The names responsible are Bioshock, Carnival Games, NBA 2K8, and the Grand Theft Auto series for these impressive sales. With the good comes the bad, and that totals their financial loss at $38 million.

Look here! It is a bird! It is a plane! No it is Illusion Softworks also being acquired by Take-two in there recent financial update. Illusion is the studio behind the master mind Mafia, and has been renamed 2K Czech. The developer is currently working on mafia 2 for all current-gen consoles.

Other important news was revealed that day as well. The game Bioshock 2 was revealed and slated for late 2009 developed by 2K Marin, and Carnival Games: Mini Golf was announced exclusively for the Wii.

“We are pleased with Take-Two’s stronger than expected top and bottom line results for the first quarter. Our performance benefited from a diverse range of hit titles in the first quarter, and we are eagerly awaiting the release of Grand Theft Auto IV in the second quarter.” -Strauss Zelnick, Chairman of Take-Two.

What if Take-Two just decided to sell out to EA which was just recently offered? Well we sure wouldn’t see exclusive content for the 360 version of GTA IV.

David Jeffers is a former writer for WhatIfGaming and one of the most prominent writers you will find out there. He loves anime, and everything video games and loves chances to discover new and interesting worlds in the interactivity from the games we play today, given that the game does a good job of doing that of course.

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