Take Two: BioShock Can Be A MMO Or A Film

Hi There!Take Two commented today at a fancy Bank of America conference that BioShock had immense potential to be either a MMO or a film. Maybe both. Why not, right?

As Zelnick flipped through presentation slides, he explains that Civilization also had the capacity to fall into the realm of MMO and prove Take Two is not just about Grand Theft Auto IV. Now, how exactly would a Bioshock MMO work? Human v.s. tons of NPC big daddies and little girls in a massive underwater realm wouldn’t exactly be the brightest idea. Let’s not forget about Blizzard though. All of whom showed us that turning a game such as an RTS into the largest success in MMO history is possible. Now, what about that BioShock film? Brad Pitt? George Cloo…no. Nevermind. We will leave the movie ideas to Take Two. They’re very excited.

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