Tekken 6 Not Coming To Arcades In U.S.?

The arcade version of Tekken 6 is apparently not coming to the U.S. While the game is will be arriving to consoles of fighting juggernauts everywhere in the U.S. , it seems that the American arcade version is a no-no. Tekken fansite SD Tekken along with Arcade Renaissance manages to have us convinced with reasons on why American arcades will not see the light of day with Tekken 6. The reason? The American arcade is dead! The American arcade is a lie! Well, in all seriousness simply because Namco USA no longer has an arcade division. Couple that with faltering support–and wham: you get no effort on Namco’s part in the U.S. for arcade! Nevertheless, there appears to be more than one arcade in Texas where we can all meet up to play Tekken 6 at an arcade, and more than 8 arcades near the Canadian border. What if we couldn’t all make it to these locations? Instead, just wait for it to come out on consoles and sit tight!

Arcade Renaissance [ala Tekken SD]

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