Tempt Me: NZXT Tempest Review

A Revelation

Opening up the box, we see a pretty great design that’s simple and easy to manage, according to the perfectly wrapped fan connectors. Looking more at the front we can see the rear fan through the mesh front and filter. Down each side of the front there are two grooves that run top to bottom for the majority of the case. In these channels are clear plastic strips that will light up when the system is powered up and ready to fuel. The top I/O connections include the front panel buttons, USB ports, eSATA port, and audio ports.

Behind that at the very top of the case we can see a dual 140mm fan for efficient air convection via the brace, which accounts for efficient airflow. The sides of the case is adorned by polymer glass that’s see through and trims neat with bevel and emboss details, except for the fact that it’s easily broken. That’s right! We placed it to the corner of the desk, and it just splintered like wood, but denser. The front of the case really gives word to appearance as a first, and can tell all you PC enthusiasts out there not to judge by first looks. The case itself might come off as plain from the front, but there’s more to it that makes the cherry pie.

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  1. Motherboard Support: E-ATX, ATX, MICRO-ATX, BABY AT.

    HELLS YES! I’ve been waiting one that supports BABY AT. Very few do this day and age.

  2. I love that there are grommets. Should make it easier than to carve out stuff.

  3. “Buying a case might not seem like a big deal at first. But, as all of our readers know, it’s personal.”

    Word to that.

  4. NZXT’s 100$ case looks amazing from this review. I actually have an Antec Gaming case about the same one and I kind of feel a tad ripped off at reading this. Why couldn’t they have came out with it sooner?

  5. Just Purchased one from newegg cause of this!

  6. Seems fair enough. I might actually buy it after reading this. Ceebz, hit me up sometimes when you get it. I know you’re good at the architecture stuff. I need to know if I can mallet it for my in-line grommel

  7. In-line..ouch. Seems like that would take some hole threads 1/2″

  8. Nah. I have a good drill cap.

  9. He was talking to me! But hey, if you can send a drill cap to me…that would work *smile*

  10. Splendid review. A pleasure to read, and I just bought mine because I really felt the vibe on this one.

  11. just read this. Might take the plunge on this one. Sounds AMAZING to me.

  12. Buying it as we speak!

  13. Cool guys. Glad you enjoyed it and went out and bought like…4. 5? Whatever. :)

  14. I didn’t buy one! :-p. I might thoug….

  15. I already have one of these actually. Everything is as it is in the review. I love it and am glad I have it. Come on guys, you know I’m the smartest here. Buy this thing!

  16. SILVER CHOICE AWARD. THAT’S A VERY good thing. Not many get silver

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