The Current Issue With Oculus Rift and HTC Vive


The problem with virtual reality is simple and glaring. Virtual reality still currently in its infancy, however, a lot of people are hyped and looking forward to this upcoming trend.  Promises of such vendors such as Oculus and Vive all revolve around the feeling of being delved into new worlds. The issue? All hinge on one critical aspect: graphical performance.  From what I can see virtual reality quite hasn’t caught up in terms of its graphical output. What most people understand is virtual reality requires double the graphical performance horsepower than a single frame of the normal game.  What does this mean for the end consumer?  It means you are more than likely going to not only struggle with running VR appropriately, but development of  games are hinging on the aspect of cheaper production values. Game’s like Lucky’s Tale, Job Simulator, and the like are utterly disappointing to anyone who is serious about games. There are some impressive games, but they border on pretty lackluster. Currently Alien: Isolation is the only game I have ever seen really show the power of VR but it was simply a hack job done by modders. Sure, graphics aren’t everything but neither is playing a lot of video game titles that look like cartoon plastic for a $599+ pricepoint.

So what’s the real benefit of virtual reality despite being able to play plastic cartoonish games? Simple: cinema. No one is ever going to have 134 inch TV in their home because of the limited space of real estate.  Instead virtual reality can change the landscape of cinematic entertainment in the home forever.  It can allow you to watch a movie in a theater or it can even allow you to watch 3D movies without any glasses.  This in my opinion is the sole beauty of virtual reality as it currently stands the biggest issue of are still remains that the marketing companies are pushing video games when it comes to virtual reality. I on the other hand after having tried the HTC Vive and Oculus VR could not be less impressed. Currently, my Oculus pre-order is delayed into May and also my HTC Vive as well. They’re coming my way soon so I can bring you guys a truthful review on these things without the current hype of the marketing departments pushing it upon journalists getting these earlier.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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