The Sims Review: Get Me Home

Maxis  is a genius. The Sims is an innovative game about controlling the lives of little people. It is different, fresh and exciting. The open-ended game let players create entire families of people, or “sims,” and take control of their lives or simply sit back and watch them interact with each other.

You have aspirations, modes life, and everything else that any characters strive for. The gameplay primarily consists of fulfilling these aspirations and reaching a goal towards them to make your Sim life meter maxed out. Create sims of varying appearances and personality types and then watch how they interact with their housemates and their neighbors. The Sims has a great variety of different objects for your household, and your sims can take up jobs, build up skill points that make them better employees or better homemakers, and establish friendships and rivalries with their neighbors. Furthermore, you may also find some enjoyment in building and laying out houses with different wallpaper, carpets, and furniture.

The Sims is pure genius. No more can be said.

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