Thermal Typhoon VX Review

Here it is. And time to get right to it. Installing the new Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX heat sink is just like installing the retail box fan as it uses the same retention mechanisms. This caused roughly 8-10mm of the processor not to be covered by the heat sink. The Big Typhoon VX does not have the same issues as Thermaltake included little tabs on the heat sink base and the mounting bracket to make sure once the heat sink is installed that it will not move around on the processor even when the case is being transported. This is a nice touch and shows how a little extra time and money can deliver a well rounded product that consumers will enjoy.

Let’s take a look at the temperatures.

Thermaltake Big Typhoon Benchmark

The test results at stock settings between the six cooling solutions that we have run on the abit AW9D-MAX have delivered some pretty interesting restults. The heat sink that comes with Intel retail boxed processors, and it works for the initial price. We will not complain.

The Big Typhoon VX improved on the original Big Typhoon and the result was a heat sink that is easier to install and performs better thanks to the new fan variable speed fan. The cooling fins and heat pipes remain the same and the size heat pipes seem to carry away heat better then the other two and four heat pipe coolers, which is more than enough.

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