Thief 4 Review: The Master Returns

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After a decade, Garrett has returned in the shadowy robes of the night – as the Master Thief that he is in Thief 4. The gameplay in Thief 4 takes elements of the old, but retains few. The developers at Eidos Montreal wanted to advance into a new market console territory through fresh gameplay and exciting ambiance, but missed some key marks in both of these areas.

Garrett has grown up from a life of foggy streets making his thieving mastery on the Thieves’ Highway. What started as a battle for survival turned into more with Basso– his friend, business partner, and ally. The impending plague however is spreading and wreaking havoc on not just the people of the nation, but also its economy.  Thief 4’s storyline pacing retains a fairly linear structure in the divulge of its storyline. Showing Garrett may be a bit of a hit-and-miss for most fans of the older series, but it is something which works in its own right in this new age. Thief 4’s storyline is moderately entertaining for what it sets out to do during the Dark Ages.

While the world itself is a large sandbox exploration, Thief 4 in its own right cannot be considered open-world in its game mechanics. A lot of elements of Thief 4 end up with repetitive factors, and robbing a ton of drawers for pens and useless items seems to be reminiscent of something from Skyrim without the consequences or rare finds unless it is for rare missions. Thief 4 does have the traditional element of going around in the shadows of the night across the city, but it also lacks a certain evolution that one would want to see after all these years both as a new player and a die-hard fan.

Thief 4 Review

Thief 4 tries to create a game that focuses a lot on the voice work and environment in terms of the lighting and visuals, but the frame rates fell on the PS4 and PC versions we reviewed it on with a GTX Titan Black – quite the odd configuration surprise. If one really wants to play a stealth adventure – Metro: Last Light is worth looking at.  Either way, one cannot and must not forget Thief is the father of all modern stealth games (aside from Metal Gear Solid). It has its roots in a legacy of brilliance, even if Thief 4 does not add much more to that legacy. Any die-hard fan should not hesitate to try this title let alone even buy it, but new players should proceed with the caution of a thief.

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