Things That Matter: Coldplay’s Viva La Vida Review

Coldplay’s Chris Martin is a great friend of mine that I have spoken to on several occasions. Today, arrived a copy of the new Coldplay album: Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends.

French Correspondent at WhatIfGaming says this is an interpretation on something that means “Live The Life.” Differing from A Rush of Blood To The Head and somewhat X&Y, the newer album takes the inspirations from sentiments of revolutionaries throughout time, not just the most noticeably influential from the Red Massacre and French Revolutions back a few centuries. Aside from the precipitation of harmonious melodies and piano sonata’s, Coldplay has clearly taken a religious awakening this time around.

As recorded in many Spanish and Latin American churches, Viva La Vida is an influential blessing to torn strands of sadomasochism to produce a beautiful and simply comprised CD than previous titles. Starting with Life In Technicolour, the listener is invited into an instrumental version of the world of life, color, and moreover art through kindling sounds and calm reverbs. Following up are the haunting sounds of the Cemeteries of London, filled with descriptions of ghosts and life after death where the sinful lay waste throughout the night. The rest of the songs continue to be severely dipped in religious overtones. Yes being about a noter for acceptance through forgiveness, Viva La Vida according to our confirmation with Parlophone, shifts in perspectives from an understanding of the Crusades to that of the Roman Conquest. 42 follows in closely with strong sound of a pervading aura that explores the mysteries that one can’t ever grasp in life, finishing off with the finale of the album Death and All His Friends through a journey of the forces around the world that keeps it forever infinite.

It is a song everyone should listen to before they die. -Chris Martin, responding to the album’s climax: 42.

If you’re a fan of Coldplay but not religion, this album delivers religious messages reminiscent to some songs in Coldplay’s last album: X&Y. Above the depth of the artistic waters that this album is swimming in is a much more important message to be interpreted. That we are all people rising to the occasion of revolution in our thought and actions. As such, most of the songs were written from a definite inspiration and with a definite message, but it is up to each and every one of you to understand it in your own way.

Songs removed until further notice

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. I heard some of their songs from X&Y. I though Swallowed In The Sea was about Jonah. I love this feature series. This is WhatIfGaming genius. I’m sorry, but no other site can ever match a piece like this.

    Beautiful article!

  2. Wow. Usman you’re a fucking genius. Aduriobmidam is right. I never expected such an amazing music review from a hardware website. Then again…this is why you guys write for the masses after all. Guess I should have.

  3. Beautiful song, for a beautifully worded review. Thanks WiG!

    Things That Matter To Us ROCKS!

  4. Woah. No words for me here. Just WOAH. Mind encompassing review.

  5. Those guys at CPing should be informed. They’d love this as they always guess about it. I’m a ravid CP fan myself. Thanks for this. Can’t wait for June 12th!

  6. Woah would be right. Amazing review. 42 sounds like that? Not much of an aura….well…nevermind…yeah it is!

  7. “You know how I know you’re gay”


    “You listen to Coldplay”

    Hahah! Just kidding. I love CP. Never heard 42. That’s awesome. Thanks.

  8. They should have made an album about the Greek God’s. French revolution is OVERRATED.

  9. YOU JUST BLEW MY FUCKING MIND! WOW. LOL. I had to look up what virility meant…but it all made so much sense. DUDE.

  10. Wait there’s already a new album…where the heck was I?

  11. “it’s up to each and every one of you to understand it in your own way.”

    Truer words never spoken before. know it’s just insane…it really is people.

    When I read this review, I was just…I WAS ENTHRALLED. It really made sense of some things, including the whole religious overtones.

    A lot of my friends were claiming CP was hating on Christianity, or some were claiming they took religion seriously…but the entire album takes a religious VIEWPOINT.

    Beautifully put WhatIfGaming. Kudos.

  12. Yeh. It made a lot of sense. GOOD READ

  13. The wait for this album is KILLING Me!!

    @ PC: Probably playing Crysis? Haha.

  14. Like my name, this article is Radiant with what others said. Genius, beauty like the album itself, and all that great stuff.


    ALL THE MASSES SHOULD. Whatifgaming writes for the masses! True intellectuals in this world of misbegotten journalists with snotty attitudes.

    I love this site. Thank you SO much for doing what you do. I always come from college in hopes of reading anything on here and browse frequently. Thank you again.

  16. In India, we dont listen Coldplaye very much, but I hear one song of theirs. i LOVE VERY VERY much coldplaye back in 2003. So I am happy to see this album will be great. I dont care for religious overtone as long as they arent try to convert me 😀

  17. JUST GOT THE E-MAIL showing the final opening was added! OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!! TY TY TY!

  18. HURRY UP!!!!!!!1111111111111 IM DYING HERE.

  19. I actually heard some of them before…but these ones sound very different.

    No need to upload the rest WiG. Thanks for trying–but you gatta do what you gatta do. If they won’t let you: “Oh Well.”

  20. Yeah, sorry guys. I’m going to try within the next 3 or 4 days to get some approvals or work something out with these guys. So far they were very deadlocked in these songs only for stream. I’ll keep trying!

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