Time Magazine Cares About Your Opinion

Time Magazine is asking who you think is most influential person in the world. (I am strangely absent from the list) I’m sure that’s a rhetorical question because we all know that Shigeru Miyamoto wins that competition hands down every single year until Time stops asking us these retarded questions. Of course some stupid heads out there insist on trying to tarnish Miyamoto’s reputation by voting for some other loser named Rain from Korea. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Britney Spears is currently tied with Nelson Mandela. Seriously, Nellie has to vie for the 8th spot with Spears? Only in America is can a former president and anti-apartheid activist be ranked in the same league as white trash that pretends to sing. Shigeru Miyamoto is currently ranked 21st, but with your help, I’m sure he can move up twenty notches. (Ed-He might need more than 20 now, seeing as how his rank keeps changing.)

Vote for Miyamoto at Time’s website.

If you’re interested in the current rankings, check em out.

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