To Our Beloved Thief

So…what happens when you DO NOT get a package for a game? Nothing for us. No review comes out of it. Long story short, an old game was shipped to us that we ordered (sorry Thiefy –no more for you to reap) and magically it shows up on our door sometime this morning Nov 1st when it was left outside October 17th, which is really impossible since we were there all day everyday. The box was empty and that’s lame.

But to our beloved thief: We know who you are. We are watching you. You think leaving an empty box can be done unspotted –silly disgusting definition of human! Trix are for kids. Your information has already been reported to the police as well as a courtesy picture of what you look like (a big fat bug).

You should make sure the coast is clear next time, but that will not be the case. You are very lucky you slipped, but here is what we assure: do it again–if you can, and we will show you the meaning of what an empty box is in a prison cell. Ever heard of stealing company property? Maybe a felony? Of course you have!


WhatIfGaming Management

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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