Tom Clancy’s: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Review

Tom Clancy's: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Review

The third iteration of the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell stealth action franchise, Chaos Theory, features the continuing adventures of Sam Fisher: a top secret agent who’s sent in to accomplish the US government’s dirty work when political situations go sour. It is also got a brand-new two-player cooperative mode, in addition to an enhanced spies-versus-mercenaries competitive multiplayer mode introduced in the Pandora Tomorrow.

Splinter Cell Chaos theory is simply a great game thanks to the multiplayer. But it is not about that only. The game sometimes feels a bit disparate when it comes to certain levels. Some parts have a different enemy layout, while others are clunked together in one room, while levels are different than the actual premise the game serves: stealth action. It seems like a variety of different ideas that were made by different people in the development team, which is saddening but OK nevertheless. With an all new multiplayer component, this title is one that just can’t be missed.

The competitive mode and cooperative levels are the key aspects of Chaos Theory, and the solo campaign is the star. The missions are still linear, but are generally more open-ended are and more fun to play in general than Pandora Tomorrow. Set in the near future, Chaos Theory as the name suggests is a threat of informational warfare and a strained relationship between the United States, North Korea, and Japan. Sam fisher is called in to various international hot spots to find the truth and prevent certain individuals from speaking out negatively and abruptly. With a 3rd person camera view, and a series of beautiful graphics, you control this agent in one of the most awaited titles (for me personally) yet.

Sam Fisher has become deadlier thanks to a new knife he picked up on his last assignment. The knife is really just a cosmetic change from precious Splinter Cell titles, since in those games Fisher could put his opponents into a choke hold but now he does it with a knife. It is the same thing! Even though he threatens foreign enemies with a knife to the throat, Fisher cam only end their lives from a behind grab. He can choke them to unconsciousness or deliver a knee jab to their lower back. Instead of grabbing them, he can also. magically knife them bloodlessly –something which I was kind of pissed off to see. You make everything else so real, might as well make this one too!

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory fulfills a lot of the previously untapped potential of its predecessors’ single-player portions, while successfully extending the impressive multiplayer offerings of Pandora Tomorrow. People, me especially, have been demanding a online cooperative mode. And now that it is finally here: who can complain? No one.

If I like online cooperative mode…..espionage…tactical weaponry


If I hate weird online camera…immense patch glitches…


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