UK Running out of GTA4 Pre-Orders Copies

Call Scotland Yard!! (We’re out of cheese dip for our chips) Turns out GTA4 is a wee-bit more popular than UK retailers had anticipated. How popular is it’s head of games Gian Luzi? (I’m glad I asked.)

[It’s] already proving a real hardware driver– especially for Sony’s next-gen console….
This is the biggest ever title for PS3 by a long way – and probably 360 as well. I’ve been really blown away by how quickly it is sold on PS3.

This is news that’ll fill everyone’s heart with joy. Except for those from the Blame Gamers First crowd, but they’re losers so who cares. (and maybe those who can’t get a copy of GTA4.)

UK retail running out of GTA IV [MCVUK]

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  1. Wow.. GTAIV’s a big hit! Hmmm… MGS4 vs. GTAIV.. Epic battle. Who will win the spring season?

    Interestingly enough, it seems like the expensive optional DLC for the 360 isn’t quite paying off for MS.

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