Valve Interview: The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Valve & Left 4 Dead Galaxy

You all love Left 4 Dead as much as we do by now and it is definitely one title that’s a guaranteed grab when it comes out November 2008. To keep you sedated, check out this interview with everything Left 4 Dead, and a little more with Valve themselves.

[flashvideo filename=”videos/l4d.flv” width=”640″ height=”400″ /]

No, this wasn’t E3 but a private interview. We just decided to group it with E3 for easier reference.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. Delicious in depth interview WhatIfGaming goodness

  2. Love it thanks

  3. Good interview

  4. Too bad no PC to 360 cross plat

  5. Split is awesome. Always wanted to know. thanks

  6. Cool. Can’t wait to play this in 2560x goodness

    FreedomPhantom replied on July 27th, 2008 3:21 PM:

    Oh dude, same here. PC and 360. Maybeee PS3? ; )

  7. Good thing about time we learned everything lol

  8. Love this game

  9. That’s amazing

  10. Love this site you guys, love u all too lol. Love WhatIfGaming!

  11. None of the corporate BS tactics. Always on the mark and unbias.

    IBKING91 replied on July 27th, 2008 3:24 PM:

    Yeah, main reason I come here

  12. Awesome game

  13. Love it so much

  14. The game is really gritty to me, but not RE 5 gritty. Something that I always thought about

  15. Awesome. Time for PC

  16. They really should have put this on the PS3, I mean not like putting it on 360 (mod chips) or putting it on the PC will prevent the piracy. I wonder if there will be DRMs

  17. Definitely DRM but for digital. I bet single is Secu rom

  18. I love this game though. Awesome! Doug Lombardi is the man. Saw him 1nce with Gabe

  19. Sweet game for sure

  20. Cool stuff

  21. I wonder who they’re sponsoring with. Definitely ATI since HL2 : Orange Box

  22. Perhaps a PS3 version NOT by EA would be nice

  23. I mean as if the Ports aren’t bad enough

  24. Great stuff

  25. Awesomely gruesome I think

  26. Wonder if there’s any DLC

  27. Oh he just said there is ….

  28. of course DLC will be there

  29. I really want to play thiss. I can’t wait for the review. It won best PC game, and you guys are usually consistent unlike all the other sites. It will get a good review for sure

  30. Cool stuff on the new engine

  31. Director

  32. That’s a smart name too

  33. Ohh hell yes. PC game of the YEAR

  34. I want to play this

    Pancakes replied on July 27th, 2008 3:37 PM:

    Same here man, same here

  35. I love this game so much already

  36. So 2 gigs is enough : ) woot. I have 4

  37. I love the art, glad it’s discussed in detail here.

  38. Like everyone, I want to play this also

  39. Give me the freaking game already! Hahaha

  40. Love the graphics too. Cool

  41. I just think that someone finally making this game has to be a genius. I mean 1/2 the battle is listening to the people

    This idea was SO obvious though. I had this since like 5 years ago. lol

    Vash63 replied on July 27th, 2008 3:40 PM:

    Yeah, I kind of wanted a game like this ever since Dead Rising. DR sucked, but I wanted a horror survival that wasn’t TOO serious. I bet someone will make a gritty horror online survival

    RE 5 isn’t what I mean. I mean 4 player co op like RE 5. woaaahh that’d be so amazing

  42. RE 5 like realistic online experience like this, and it’s GOTY

  43. WhatIfGaming rocks. Love the interview. They’re real and not fake like cough GT or cough everyone else. About time these things got real.

  44. Oh, cool. Online mic support

  45. Very good interview… hopefully someone can talk to him again about 360 DLC. I heard somewhere they already had missions and content plans for post releases once L4D is out – my main curiousity is if we have a chance for more types of Boss Infected also. I think that would benefit the gameplay all around, creating more types than there are players to choose them. In that sense it makes things even more random for the survivors whose sole purpose is basically living through the differing levels of Hell. Just a thought but as it stands everything is shaping up beautifully. Can’t wait to tongue someone… the bad way.

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