Vendetta 2 Not So Revengeful. Does The Trick Anyways.

Today we are checking out the new CPU cooler from OCZ, the Vendetta 2. The cooler is designed to cool the latest processors from AMD and Intel, offering improved efficiency when compared to standard coolers. OCZ currently has one of the widest ranges of memory modules available, offering a wealth of DDR memory and also specializing in flash memory and solid state drives. They also have an extensive range of power supplies on offer and with their acquisition of PC Power & Cooling, making some of the industry’s finest products. Another market that OCZ has been targeting for some time now is the cooling market, with a small range of CPU coolers.

The newer Vendetta 2 measures 15.9cm tall and boasts a 120mm fan, making this a very big cooler. The Vendetta 2 is roughly 15% bigger than the original Vendetta, with the dimensions being the only real difference between the two physically. Design wise, these new V2 coolers use what is called the Heatpipe Direct Touch (HDT) design, though OCZ cannot really be fully credited for the design. HDT technology connects the heatpipes directly to the CPU, which allows the heat to be absorbed much quicker. The conventional way is to use a copper base plate where the heatpipes run through and the base plate extracts the heat from the CPU and transfers it into the pipes. Essentially all HDT does is remove the middle man by connecting the pipes directly. With every good comes the bad, and this does offer some advantages as well as a few disadvantages. One of the key components required for excellent cooling performance is an ultra smooth surface to make contact with the CPU, but the HDT design of the Vendetta 2 heatsinks does not provide a perfectly flat surface for making contact with the CPU. So, it can definitely sacrifice quality. The heatpipes themselves appear flat, but either side of the heatpipe leaves quite a bit of space where no contact will be made with the CPU. The thermal paste does all it can, but still there is quite a lot of space to be filled here when you consider that the paste is generally used to fill very fine gaps.

The OCZ Vendetta 2 (full speed) was found to be slightly hotter, coupling the 36 degrees of the Zalman CNP9500ATfan speed adjustments. When using automatic fan speed adjustments the OCZ Vendetta 2 was another 2 degrees hotter under load, making it 5.5% (2 degrees) hotter than the Zalman CNP9500AT. Here’s a surprise. The OCZ Vendetta (the predecessor) cooler was just 1 degree hotter than the Vendetta 2 under load. The average, however, remains the same average low temperature across the scales.

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