Video Games? Irrelevant? Blasphemy!

One of the reason why Hideo Kojima doesn’t think games are an art form is that what looks good yesterday, doesn’t look good today. As opposed to art, which can be appreciated for ages. This article takes that same premise and dares ask if video games may someday be irrelevant. One reason is that games we used to play ten years ago, don’t shine as brightly now as they did then. Movies, on the other hand, shine just as brightly now as then, at least assuming you’re not watching something using CGI. I can understand where this dude is coming from, but even now I love to go back and play old school games, like Mario, Sonic, FF6, FF7 and so on. There are some games that hold up better than others. I’m sure that V.R. will eventually make all video games, as we know them, obsolete. So, what do you think? Are games just a fad that’ll die out in 50 or so years? Will something replace it?

Are all video games doomed to irrelevance? [Controller Freak]

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