Violent Games Can Be Therapeutic Too

With all the talk about how bad violent video games are, there are surprisingly few people willing to come out and say how therapeutic busting a cap can be. One man’s experience was as such:

[During my early high school years] where I was constantly tormented, beaten up, threatened and humiliated, video games (violent and otherwise) and heavy music gave me somewhere to escape to and release some stress. If I didn’t have them, I would surely have hurt myself.

I’m sure if this guy didn’t get his games and metal, he probably would’ve turned into Travis Touchdown. While my experience in school weren’t like this guy’s, I know that I probably would’ve had a hard time without Tekken and Devil May Cry there. What if there were no violent games? I doubt I’d be here today. (By ‘here’ I mean working on this site)

Grand Theft Childhoon [TheAge]

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