Virtual Girlfriends FTW. I Think…

If you do not know what FTW is, it is an acronym for “For The Win” (insert sarcasm face here). Now that we have that very difficult question aside, what’s even more difficult? Not having a girlfriend. Sure, the nights are lonely and the mornings are cold, but we all get through. Have no fear girlfriend-less men out there. Five companies are coming together to give us our very own virtual lives with virtual girlfriends.

Several companies have announced a new MMO project called ai Sp@ce. Ai sp@ce lets players enter a virtual world where they can interact with heroines from popular games like Clannad, Shuffle!, and Da Capo II. Players will be able to create their own avatars for use in-game (only available for Japan), and they can explore and venture to different “islands” that represent the various franchises. A hub island, modelled after the nerd mecca of Akihabara, will serve as a player gathering spot. Visual Art’s, Circus, Omegavision, Headlock, and Dwango have all combined their forces to let us do more with our virtual lives.

Besides creating avatar characters, players will be able to select a companion girl to live with them. The player can buy and decorate the couple’s living space, dress their virtual girlfriend in a variety of collected and bought outfits, and “teach” them various actions. The developers are claiming that each doll will develop its own personality based on the users’ actions. So, chances are if you’re dirt poor and a lazy bastard and forget to decorate hallways…you will get yelled at and your girlfriend will likely cheat on you with another online avatar controlled by another fucker somewhere half way across the world in Italy called Franchesco, with a “I Can’t Believe It is Not Butter” attitude. Gosh, I hate that bastard Franchesco.

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  1. LMAO

    Holy shit! Those last few sentences were worth the read.

  2. Franchesco… a name I had wished not to hear for the rest of my days. *silently stares out at ocean smoking wood pipe* What, he stole my wallet.

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