VisionTek 800W Power Supply Review – A Great Thirst

The VisionTek 80PLUS 800W Power Supply Unit is one of the notable power supplies the company is currently putting out aside from its 1000W Gold, which is a step up in performance to the Gold PLUS certification which ranks higher efficiencies of power throughput with different load levels. The Visiontek 800W Power Supply supplies the perfect performance for a relatively great price for enthusiasts that are not only looking to get at least 85% efficiency for that SLI or Crossfire required setup,  but also stability through over-current, short-circuit, and over-voltage protection to make for a power supply unit no one can go wrong with. The testing phases reveal that the VisionTek 800W Power Supply truly lives up to the high VisionTek standard.

The VisionTek 800W Power Supply looks as great as it feels. The black plated sleek design is impressive, and the power supply itself comes with the necessary cables to make for any type of connection: including SATA, 2 6-pins, 1 8 pin along with a 4+4 connector as well to double up. Opening up the power supply reveals high component parts that are covered from any hazard, with sleek brown and blue wires running through a green-yellow MBR to capacitor design that is delightful to look at while this PSU is open. In terms of design concept, the Visiontek 800W Power Supply is sleek as the outside box appears, but it can be greater to see some red/black combinations for the VisionTek logo aspect to further the design concept.

Testing is the bulk of the performance, and this point-product testing that we conduct is extremely extensive, including Load Testing, Capacitive Testing, Ripple Testing, Transient Testing and Torture Testing.  The most important parts begin with the Load Testing which is performed at 25%, 50%, 80%, and finally 100% of the rated capacity. All of these reveal that the VisionTek handles the rated output like it says, and forgets to mention in its self-effacing state of the cooler temperatures that it exhibits at most loads. Well above the typical regulation for a 77% recommended efficiency, the unit scores a great 15% above the regulatory marks, creating more performance per watt per unit. Capacitive Testing reveals there is stability to the electric potential of the PSU board when it comes to the Capacitive Loads and often sudden loads in a real-world environment which are hard to emulate. Ripple Testing was marginally, however, revealing that the PSU cut it a bit too close to the max ripple noise when put through the maximum load – the unit’s combined 12v rails peaked at ~75mV which is above 3/4 of the ATX12v specification while the more active minor rail, the 3.3V rail, peaked at ~4.8mV. We would have liked to see less of the ripple peak for the higher maximum load but 75mV is decent well alone. Torture Tests is where the meat of the testing went, over 2 weeks for this one which is usually 2x the testing period of any other power supply. Why? Because this power supply performed amazingly well given the ambient temperatures on maximum of 38°C-40°C. Pushing this for over 4 days reveals there is enough juice in this power supply to last a long time and only makes us wonder how the 80PLUS Gold performs.

The VisionTek 800W Power Supply performs relatively well through all tests and is a great purchase for that moderate hardcore enthusiast in mind that is looking to step up their rig to a SLI/Crossfire performance, and even just a hardcore enthusiast that is looking into not spending too much money for a 1000W power supply when they can get the next best thing at near the offered efficiencies at the rated capacities.

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