Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star Review – The Game That Just Won’t Die

You really have to give Incognito appropriations when it has gone the extra mile with bringing fresh and game-changing content to the never ending fun that is Warhawk through Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star, Incognito’s third expansion pack to a blasting series. The expansion is short and sweet, and has everyone wanting more from Incognito to see what they can accomplish. Players can navigate the skies in a different way and take the air with the new Icarus MK.1 Rocket Pack accessory that players can use with newly added map, Tau Crater. Players are given the star treatment with an introduction through a fog dense smokey forest island filled with wreckage. With many more surprises under the downloadable package, players will get a taste of a new Warhawk in a better and enhanced way.

Tau Crater is huge and it is fun, and it is huge, did I say that already? The island features lots of vertical elements to give use to the newly added jetpacks that make for the most buzz in this game. Huge trees, a huge crane, and of course a huge wrecked ship aptly named, Tau Crater has alll those elements that offer lots of diverse gameplay for the player who’s been looking for more Warhawk to fill the cup. You can use the jetpack or any other aircraft to fly up to all the surfaces, pipes, tree’s, platforms, and wreckage. There are plenty of places to scope and snipe from, so Tau Crater is rightly named for it is own kind. Tau Crater is definitely big but the overall way in which it is created does not flail either. Tau Crater comes with ten separate arrangements, and the development team added a total of 30 additional layouts in the original maps that allow for jetpack functionality. This is nice for people who enjoy smaller map style’s or larger map style’s, for that extra chaos in the field of battle. Incognito really involved themselves with future support content and that is not an easy thing considering the other projects they’re working on. In the end, they realize that great additional content proves useful for not just themselves but the gamers as well.

Ever wanted to fly without a Warhawk?  Some people even try jumping on top of a Warhawk, and having a friend lift it and pull it from underneath to get the ability jet packs add.  Jetpacks aren’t just handed to you on a silver platter on the ground. Scattered all over Warhawk are Daedalus Rapid Assembly Devices, or D-RAD’s. By running up and hitting the Square button, players interact with the Daedalus Rapid Assembly that starts making the jetpack for a player to use, and essentially controlling the limit of players in the sky with jetpacks already. The controls are really easier than controlling a Warhawk, not that we have problems controlling a warhawk. Holding L2 allows for hover at a level altitude so the player can fire at enemies and R2 is thrust, but is also a tactic when quickly tapped to dodge in whatever direction you face. The jetpack is very gratifying and really adds so much to the game. Problems aren’t completely invisible though.  First off, the Daedalus machines can’t be blown up by players trying to make it difficult for the other side. In a sad way, this makes jetpacks a little bit of a hassle for everyone. Some people are in the air, others are running around on the floor helplessly, and some are in warhawks running into the jetpack players in a suicidal attempt. Players also can’t drive the D-RAD’s closer to their checkpoints from where they’re initially placed. While jetpacks are really cool to have and fun to play with in a game with a small group of friends, it takes a small hit considering the fact that there is no real restriction or tactics involved with these.

Anyone else who is tired of the old Warhawk modes will find glitters in the Hero and Collection gameplay modes Incognito included, which are easy to comprehend with the names themselves. For all the hungry trophy lovers out there, a total of 56 trophies are available in the game, 10 of which are retroactive and can be obtained based on previously recorded statistics without the user having to complete tasks a second time. A further 34 are based upon gameplay and so are not retroactive.

The name for the next expansion should be Warhawk: The Game That Just Never Dies. While the current expansion pack is $7.99 on the PlayStation Store, all three expansion packs for the PSN are now available for $15.99, which is worth the buy. Fallen Star adds a variety that says Incognito loves to fly the skies and mostly walk the land too. Why? To go the extra mile.

David Jeffers is a former writer for WhatIfGaming and one of the most prominent writers you will find out there. He loves anime, and everything video games and loves chances to discover new and interesting worlds in the interactivity from the games we play today, given that the game does a good job of doing that of course.

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