We Finally Know Afrika

Yeah. No need to explain that it is a picture game much like Pokemon Snap for N64 back in the day. Never thought I would say that.

Check it out:

[flashvideo filename=http://theablegamer.com/images/stories/videos/afrika01.flv width=”600″ height=”360″ /]

Credits: Japanese PS Store Update 6/05/2008

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. Stupid game won’t come out in U.S. = Fail

  2. Last I checked a Japan only game. Why should I seriously care? Nothing will be readable.

  3. Stunning Graphics. But I agree with them what’s the point ?

  4. You can always buy it from the Japanese store…oh wait nvm. Whack

  5. Itr not come to India either dumb game

  6. Yeah stupid game and also not coming to U.S. Why even bother with the hype Sony?

  7. This game does interest me but it ain’t coming to U.S.! Sad

  8. Not impressed by it not coming to NA regions

  9. Now if this game were ONLINE or something and everyone played an Animal it would rock. But a Pokemon Snap for this generation? ARGH

  10. It will have some Home integration, but I really liked your idea better. They should have made it a role playing game with animals. Something I have never seen

  11. I like the idea the way it is and might get it from Japan store still

  12. Same here. I like it.

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