Welcome Niko! GTA IV: A Second Look.

Rockstar UK and Rockstar North introduce you to your character as he is arriving on a ship called the platypuss. Your character Niko Bellic is a Eastern European immigrant seeking to sample the American dream which seems easy until you meet his not so honest cousin Roman Bellic after Niko’s arrival to the city.

Rockstar have stayed true to the previous GTA titles and stuck with the vivid colours that make this game there own. And have stuck to the twisting and turning story lines that add the edge that makes up such a great game like in the previous GTA titles.

Graphically speaking, the game has taken a huge leap coming from the previous gen consoles to this gen which is not a easy task. Which does show in some parts of the game but which seems to be made up for in the gameplay. As you would expect in GTA games, there is a big arsenal of weapons which are a must have for this game and the situations that you get into with the rival gangsters and when being shot at by the Liberty City police.

The controls are similar to the older GTA games but have come far. The controls are more fluid, enhanced, and improved and really make a lot of sense when combined with the cover system. The PS3 version also incorporates the option of the use or non use of the SixAxis function which some might find better to control vehicles and helicopters. Also a new feature added to the controls is the cover system which allows you to take cover whilst in gun fights with police or gang members . The feature is very good and simple to use as it is just a one press system and your hidden behind a pillar or crouched behind a low wall or what ever you are near to.

There is a big advantage as well of the screen not being cluttered up with big weapons icons or health and armour meters as in the previous Gta games. Instead they have made the h.u.d a lot more spaced out, Such as the health and armour which now is incorporated around the mini map and the weapons only appear when you want them to as well as your money and mobile phone.

With the police A.I being stepped up a hell of a lot. They do not give up the chase as easy as they used to. And also pedestrians with cellphones can now report crimes that you or other pedestrians commit. So you need to be extra careful what you do and who’s about .And when chasing gang members in cars or on bike they always choose the option shoot now ask questions later and so do the police .

The thought of going in to a Internet cafe is now a possibility in GTA 4 with cafes plotted through out the 3 huge islands. Log on to the cafes PC’s and you can find girls to date or guys . Or you can just check whats happening through out the city . Don’t look flash enough well why not go in to a cloths shop or even a food shop to replenish your health or even a pub and get rat arsed.

And for the first ever time in the GTA series, they have added a morality system which allows you to make decisions which will effect the way things during the game happen. There is a few things missing from GTA 4 that is in every single previous GTA games but that’s easily forgotten when exploring the vast city’s and time in your car with the hookers will take your mind off whats missing .

Not forgetting the online multiplayer mode. There is 14 selectable multiplayer modes wich are : Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Mafiya Work, Team Mafiya Work, Car jack city, Team car jack city, Race, GTA Race, cops and crooks, Deal Breaker, Free mode, Bomb da base II and Hangmans NOOSE. And can hold up to 16 players at any one time except for “Deal Breaker,” “Hangmans Noose,” and “Bomb Da Base II ” wich can hold only 4 players max. Also you can edit what your player looks like with cloths and male of female or you can just play as a random character. You can use the mobile phone form single player in the multiplayer aswell to phone other people playing on the same map as yourself, but you will need a headset to do so.

To sum it all up, there are a lot of good points about this game and then on the other hand there is a slight amount of bad points which vary from good to bad depending if you have played the previous GTA games. This is a game that will keep you occupied for many hours at a time and will make you thankful for companies such as Rockstar Games. If you do chose to by this game, buy it from a shop and NOT from a Pirate. Oh and before you step into Liberty City, make sure you use the map that GTA 4 comes with, but do purchase yourself a copy of the official guide by Brady Games for the full layout of where things are. Make sure not to get shot while traveling.


David Jeffers is a former writer for WhatIfGaming and one of the most prominent writers you will find out there. He loves anime, and everything video games and loves chances to discover new and interesting worlds in the interactivity from the games we play today, given that the game does a good job of doing that of course.

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