What We Are Busy With – 12/20

Not only did we recently just receive Star Wars: The Old Republic in our offices (barring our beta coverage which was not sufficient enough for a title of this magnitude), but we have some more reviews for everyone in the way of SW: TOR (continual coverage when we receive our memberships), and also the Hauppauge HD PVR (we already recommend everyone get this for their HD filming needs or Justin TV streaming needs from FME 3.0).

Hundreds of thousands of you have e-mailed for Star Wars: The Old Republic and our review format. In the past, for certain MMOs, we were either restricted to a review after several weeks, or granted early access prior to release and this allowed a conclusive review to be put in the way of release date. For Star Wars: The Old Republic, we will be doing a continual review under one article that will be progressive until completed, following no particular order but in a day-by-day summary with a final recommendation.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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