WhatIfGaming Best of E3 2013 Awards

This year, we sampled a lot of games at E3 and attended the major conferences for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo – but who won and what games are undeniably the best in their field? Find out in our list below.

Criteria: The Best of E3 Awards, a subcategory for the WhatIfGaming Prizes, are given solely to those video games that demonstrate a pure excellence in the field for which they are not only nominated but also chosen. These awards only apply to playable games at E3 given a few exceptional categories.

Nomination & Selection Process: Compared with other site awards, the WhatIfGaming Prize nomination and selection process is long and extremely rigorous. This is the sole reason why WhatIfGaming Prizes have grown in importance over the years to become the most important prizes in their field. Forms, which amount to a personal and exclusive invitation, are sent to 275 (2011) selected individuals to invite them to submit nominations from the latest builds per video game. Self-nominations are disqualified. For WhatIfGaming Prizes, inquiries are sent to such people as developers, industry experts, analysts, among others. After our deadline passes, the nominations are chosen by permanent committee of 5 selected individuals from staff and only the final stage of nominees remain per category. From all of these, a winner is chosen.

The names of the nominees are not publicly announced, and neither are they told that they have been considered for the WhatIfGaming Prize. Some are announced publicly by practice. Nomination records are revealed on request approximately 2 years after each respective award year.


Most Gracious Technological Excellence – The Witcher 3

Most Innovative – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Most Anticipated – The Witcher 3


Best Adventure Game – The Witcher 3

Best Action Game – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Best Storyline – The Witcher 3

Best Third-Person Shooter – Watch Dogs


Best Conference- Sony Computer Entertainment of America / PlayStation 4

E3 Console Winner – PlayStation 4

Most Disappointing: Batman: Arkham Origins


Game of Show – The Witcher 3




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